10 Best Air Cooler Brands in India | Pros and Cons | Price List

If you are living in hot and humid conditions, spending summer is a tedious task. It is important to have enough arrangements to beat the heat without hassle. Ceiling fans end up ruining the environment by spreading hot air. Air Conditioners are the best option, but expensive. Here we have an alternative solution known as Air Coolers. There are a few best air cooler brands in India offering quality products at less prices.

All Air cooler brands are working towards introducing new and useful technologies to satisfy consumers. Some of the new brands are entering the market because there are many requirements in the country.

Why Air Coolers?

Cost Friendly

Cost is one of the important factors to consider while buying any home appliance. You need to understand the requirements because it helps you choose the best machine. Air Coolers are known to have lesser price tags compared to any of the best Air conditioners. Therefore, buying air coolers is a wise decision if you have limitations in your budget.

Easy to use

Air coolers are known to have limited options, which makes them easy to use. Most of the air coolers come with a dedicated water tank to have water-filled from time to time. A set of easy-to-use options lets you enjoy convenience without facing much trouble. Unlike Air conditioners, Air coolers are simple to use and maintain. 


We all have seen that Air conditioners are fixed on the wall, which cannot be removed easily. Few Air coolers under 10000/- can be moved with the help of wheels. Irrespective of the cost and other factors, this increases convenience for users. Therefore, Air coolers are a preferred home appliance for some families. 

Less Power Consumption

Power Consumption is a major factor to consider in India because of rising prices in electricity. Most middle-class families prefer going with an air cooler over AC because of power consumption. 

There is no way to compare ACs with Air coolers in terms of performance for obvious reasons. The technology used in ACs is advanced compared to Air Coolers.

Air cooler brands review

Air Cooler Brands with Price List

 BrandStarts from
1SymphonyRs. 5200
2CromptonRs. 8000
3BajajRs. 4975
4VoltasRs. 6200
5KenstarRs. 5160
6HavellsRs. 7700
7Orient ElectricRs. 3500
8HindwareRs. 5000
9UshaRs. 3500
10BlueStarRs. 7500

10 Best Air Cooler Brands with Pros and Cons


One out of 10 Air coolers in India are manufactured, sold, and used are symphony Air Coolers. Symphony has a long experience in producing quality air coolers suitable for the Indian market. Check out some of the 10 Best Symphony Air Coolers presently available in the market.

No doubt, Symphony has reached out to a major chunk of the market because of many reasons. The requirements from users are different, and the brand has fulfilled major demands in the market. The brand has some of the large tank capacity products compared to any other alternatives.


Crompton is one of the finest brands in the country, offering a wide range of air coolers. Fresh air delivery is the most demanding feature that every consumer would look for. Crompton air coolers have quality wood wool cooling pads to offer fresh and cool air. 

The brand has a huge number of followers because of its effective air delivery. Check out some of the best Crompton air coolers with prices before finalizing your product.


Bajaj offers some of the cost-effective products best suitable for Indian users. Unlike other brands, the elegance of Bajaj products may not look upto the mark. However, the quality of the product comes out brightly. Hence, if you are looking forward to buying a cost-effective yet quality product, Bajaj is the right destination.

Unlike most brands in the country, Bajaj designs and produces the machine in India. Therefore, you can expect less prices compared to other brands in the market. Bajaj compromises in the design but offers powerful and efficient cooling for a long time.


Voltas gave a list of ACs that managed to rock every Indian home due to pricing. Over time, many other brands entered the Indian market with a fine piece of equipment at reasonable costs. No wonder the brand has still survived because of commercial products. Most of the Voltas ACs are found in commercial locations because of price factors. 

Voltas has been in the Indian market for a long time, offering both Air Conditioners and Air Coolers in a wide range. The brand has had a reputation for offering quality products for a long time. 

Most of the air coolers from Voltas look the same in terms of design. However, check out desert air coolers for better results. Voltas room coolers are compact and convenient to enjoy mobility. So, it is not required to buy multiple products for different rooms.


Kenstar is one of the popular Indian Companies operating from Mumbai. The brand focuses more on home appliances with advanced technology features. Therefore, people in India can enjoy useful features without shelling out much money.

Buying an air cooler is easy now with online sources. Kenstar has few outlets to check the product physically. Kenstar is one of the Best air cooler brands in India due to advanced technology utilization and durability. 

Honeycomb Cooling Media is one of the top-rated features in the air cooling industry currently. Kenstar offers the best air coolers under 6000/- with a honeycomb cooling media feature.


There are several best air cooler brands offering products in the country. So, it is important to explore and buy the right product without spending too much money. The brand may not have much visibility in the residential segment, but some commercial entities prefer Havells because of its air throw features.

Havells Air Cooler Price is reasonable compared to any other product offered by an international brand. Modern-day users prefer having convenience over features to take full mileage of the machine. Havells uses technology in a different way to attract users. The remote control from Havells offers maximum control for the user to operate from a certain distance.

Orient Electric 

Orient Electric started the journey from fans and has reached Air coolers now. In our guess, Ceiling fans would almost be extinct in a few years because of cheap air coolers. Orient Electric is one of the best air cooler brands offering quality products. 

Orient Electric successfully brought few advanced technology features in Ceiling and Tabletop fans. Therefore, the brand managed to stay in the market without facing potential competition. Orient Electric offers decent quality Air Coolers with few errors and problems.


Hardware is one of the best Chimney brands in India, with a list of regular and auto clean chimneys. Ever since they found success in the chimney sector, they started investing in other home appliance segments. Hindware is investing and producing some of the finest air coolers suitable for both residential and commercial users.

Most of the products come with a wood wool pad that increases the quality of air throw in any conditions. The other popular parameter of using a hindware air cooler is air deflection. The powerful four-way air deflection ensures to fill air across the room evenly.


Usha is one of the Best air cooler brands in India, producing top quality products required for the market. Unlike other brands like Orient Electric and Hindware, Usha is a new player in the market selling air coolers. Usha had a huge success rate in ceiling fans and other kitchen appliances. 

Elegance is one of the major parameters while buying any home appliance. Air coolers are generally placed on the floor and give a huge impact on the appearance. There is no major rating in terms of quality or cost, but it offers elegant products. Therefore, the product can be bought for any room size in the house.


Bluestar is one of the top air cooler brands in India because of its price and durability. Bluestar produces some of the finest ACs in the market with quality features. Similar to Voltas, Bluestar also made a good name in producing quality Air Conditioners.

Their remarkable step into air coolers gave a shock to many other brands. Bluestar continues to produce some of the finest air coolers with durability features. The strongly built body with advanced features helps the user to save power without compromising on performance.


It is always good for you to know the brand and the model before buying any home appliance because of many reasons. Air coolers are an essential home appliance, especially in humid areas. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the product from Best air cooler brands to take maximum mileage.

The above list of air cooler brands in India can help you choose the best brand before picking the air cooler. Going through an air cooler brand review gives a huge room for people to make the best decision while purchasing.

Swiftnews is a popular website that offers you reviews based on verified buyers. Therefore, the chances of making a wrong decision are less here. We provide you a link to buy air coolers online to make your job easier.

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