10 Best Kaff Kitchen Chimneys | Specs | Features | Buying Guide

Kitchen chimneys are found in plenty but buying the right chimney matters. Thus, we offer the top 10 best Kaff kitchen chimneys for you to buy and enjoy the performance. The below mentioned Kaff chimneys buying guide help you list out your requirements and buy the right product easily.

Kaff is one of the reputed and top Kitchen chimney brands in India with more than a couple of models to suit every consumer’s demand. Therefore, it is easy and convenient for a buyer to choose from a list of models effectively. 

It is important to read Kaff chimneys buying guide down below because it gives enough information about the specification while choosing. Kaff chimney with baffle filter costs higher than the alternatives, but gives enough mileage to enjoy the functionalities.

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Kaff chimneys buying Guide

Size of Kitchen

The size of the kitchen is one of the important parameters because it requires the chimney to fit perfectly. The Kitchen Chimney from KAFF is designed perfectly to suit any medium sized kitchen.

The amount of smoke erupts from the cooking process is also calculated because it helps in buying the right size of the chimney with sufficient specifications. Ensure to have a precise set of specifications because it allows us to buy the right model irrespective of the price and features.

Type of Filter

Gone are the days when selecting a kitchen chimney is a walk in a park. Modern technology has not only provided more options but also made our choice process complicated. Kaff is one of the culprits in doing so because they have been offering multiple models with a set of new features.

Always check the filter before buying because it plays a vital role in terms of performance. The most common categories of chimney filters in India are

  • Baffle Filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • Cassette Filter

Type of Chimney

There are 4 different types of chimneys available in the market. Thus, it is essential to get the best product to enjoy functionalities for a long time. The type of chimney defines both performance and elegance of the chimney because every type comes with a different shape and size.

  • Wall-mounted chimney
  • Island Chimney
  • Built-in Chimney
  • Corner Chimney

Size of Chimney

Most of the experienced buyers make enough homework before buying the chimney because of various reasons. So, get some theoretical experience from this article before buying to avoid losing money and time. 

It is essential to calculate the size of the available space in the kitchen before buying. This plays a crucial role for buyers to get the right chimney without compromising on the cost and the performance.


Traditional chimneys come with a huge number of problems. Regular maintenance is one of the difficult parts to handle regularly. The modern-day chimneys are generally called auto clean chimneys because it comes with an option to clean itself. 

The auto clean chimney from Kaff not only saves time for consumers but also saves money by not opting for regular maintenance.

Design and Price

Users can take advantage of the price by comparing models because there is a huge competition in the market. It is recommended for you to look for Conventional chimneys with auto clean features to use for a long time without worrying about the performance.

The Kaff chimney price varies because of the brand and features. Therefore, do have a look at a wide range of chimneys from top chimney brands to pick the right model at reasonable costs.

10 Best Kaff Kitchen chimneys with Price

ModelPriceTo Buy
KAFF 75 cm 1180 m3/h Chimney (AMBRA DHC 75, Black)13499/-Click Here 
KAFF 90 cm 1180 m3/h Chimney (AMBRA DHC 90, Black)12349/-Click Here 
KAFF LUMEX DHC 60 AFF 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Touch Control18499/-Click Here 
KAFF Kitchen DRY Heat Auto Clean Chimney 75 CM 1180 M3/H29989/-Click Here 
KAFF BASE LX 60 | Matt Black Finish | Soft Push Controls 6290/-Click Here 
KAFF 60cm 1180 m3/hr Chimney (OPEC BGX 60, Cassette Filter, Black)11290/-Click Here 
KAFF 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Island Chimney (MODENA DX)50999/-Click Here
KAFF MARBELLA BLACK 60 | Hassle Free Filter-Less Technology18990/-Click Here 
KAFF Flo BF 60 Cm Chimney | Heavy Duty Baffle Filter 8690/-Click Here 
KAFF 60 cm 1180 m3/h Chimney (VEGAS 60, Black)25050/-Click Here

10 Best Kaff Kitchen Chimneys with Specifications

KAFF 75 cm 1180 m3/h Chimney (AMBRA DHC 75, Black)

Kaff always produces advanced technology gadgets compared to other brands in the market. Therefore, considering the brand is worth in one way or the other. The 1180 M3/h chimney comes with a baffle filter, that is sufficient for Indian kitchens. 

As the chimney is not equipped with auto clean features, it is necessary to have the filter cleaned once in 6 months. The chimney is suitable for Indian Kitchens because of touch control facility and low noise functionality.

KAFF 90 cm 1180 m3/h Chimney (AMBRA DHC 90, Black)

Unlike other options, this Kaff kitchen chimney looks extremely elegant because of the outline and the design. The wall-mounted chimney covers 3 to 5 burner stoves with 90CM width. The 2-year warranty on the product and 7-year warranty on motor remove worrying about the product durability to a large extent.

This is not an auto clean chimney and requires a cleaning process at least once in 6 months. A regular cleaning activity helps you in enjoying performance for a long time without hassles. The chimney comes with a charcoal filter, that effectively enables ductless operations.

KAFF LUMEX DHC 60 AFF 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Touch Control, Steel & Black

The Kaff chimney comes in 60CM size, which may be a little small to use for 4 burner stoves. The performance of the chimney is highly appreciated because of auto clean features. This covers the disadvantage of size and captures smoke from 2 to 4 burner stoves easily.

It is suitable for a 200 sq ft kitchen because of its extreme auto-clean feature. The baffle filter in the chimney is efficient and enables ductless operations with maximum performance. It is not necessary to clean the chimney by hiring an individual because it comes with auto clean features.

KAFF Kitchen DRY Heat Auto Clean Chimney 75 CM 1180 M3/H (ESSEN DHC 75, Lifetime Warranty)

If you are looking forward to buying a chimney, always look for an advanced technology product to enjoy for a long time. Post Auto clean chimney, heat auto clean chimney comes into the picture in terms of innovation. 

The 75CM chimney looks massive and handles a maximum airflow of 1180m3/h. The configuration is powerful enough to remove smoke and bad smell from the kitchen in a quick time. Therefore, this is one of the best kitchen auto clean chimneys from KAFF at affordable costs.

KAFF BASE LX 60 | Matt Black Finish | Soft Push Controls | Aluminum Filter

The brand has a tight grip over technology. Hence, buyers need to explore more features while purchasing a Kaff kitchen chimney. The model comes with soft push controls because it helps users enjoy friendly functionality.

The elegant chimney has attracted a lot of users because of Black matt finish on the product. The maximum airflow of the chimney is rated at 700m3/h, which is perfect for a normal Indian kitchen.

KAFF 60cm 1180 m3/hr Chimney (OPEC BGX 60, Cassette Filter, Black)

The heavy-duty chimney is one of the best Kaff kitchen chimneys in the cassette filter category. An elegant black chimney comes with curved tempered glass that adds both performance and style. The model is one of the best sellers in the market because of the right balance in features.

The chimney comes with a front panel with a wide range of buttons and curved tempered glass. The energy-saving LED lights let people know the status of the functionality effectively. The powerful aluminium or baffle filter saves a lot of power consumption from time to time.

KAFF 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Island Chimney (MODENA DX, 3 Cassette Filters, Touch Control, Steel & Black)

The 75CM chimney comes as an absolute fit for medium and large families. It provides a wide space that covers 2 to 4 burner stoves properly. The powerful suction capacity of 1180 m3 per hour covers a huge area of the kitchen without leaving smoke or bad odour.

Baffle filters have been used for Kitchen chimneys for a long time because of its performance. As the chimney does not have auto clean features, it requires regular maintenance done by professionals. Therefore, the cost consumption is more compared to auto clean chimneys.

KAFF MARBELLA BLACK 60 | Hassle-Free Filter-Less Technology | Automatic Open Glass Panel | Touch Control | Wider Chamber Entrance

Kaff Marbella is one of the elegant chimneys ever produced by Kaff with a wide range of options. The suction area is big, which plays a vital role to remove smoke and bad odour effectively. The suction capacity of 1250 m3 per hour is recommended for medium and large families because of heavy-duty features.

The chimney comes with touch control features, which enables users to save power consumption by reducing unwanted functionalities. The digital display not only adds elegance to the kitchen but also gives a chance to play around with features from time to time.

KAFF Flo BF 60 Cm Chimney | Heavy Duty Baffle Filter | Matt Black Rust Free Coating | Black Curved Tempered Glass

The FLO kitchen chimney has a good set of followers because of decent performance with durability. The wall-mounted chimneys are generally used to save space in the kitchen. Therefore, Kaff offers some of the best wall mounted chimneys with advanced technology features.

The chimney does not come with auto clean features, which makes it vulnerable in terms of filters. The chimney requires regular maintenance once in 6 months to keep the filters clean. It is important to have a set of clean filters because it helps in offering better performance. 

KAFF 60 cm 1180 m3/h Chimney (VEGAS 60, Black)

Kaff Vegas is termed as the last chimney in the list because of various reasons. The chimney has a huge amount of followers because of cost and performance. The 60CM chimney is the best option for small families because it virtually covers 2 burner stoves.

The suction capacity of the chimney is 1180 m3 per hour and comes with touch controls. Therefore, it is a user-friendly machine to use and enjoy the performance for a long time. The chimney requires regular cleaning features because it does not come with auto cleaning features.


Chimneys are known to have evolved at a great speed. The kitchen chimneys gained a lot of attention among residential users because of cost and performance. The auto clean chimneys are produced by various brands like ElicaHindwareFaberSunflameGlen and so on.. Kaff is one more brand that offers high-quality features at reasonable costs.

The above-mentioned chimneys are ranked based on consumers feedback and reviews. We suggest you check out your actual requirement because that plays a significant role in choosing the right chimney. Picking models from the right brand offers additional benefits like support options, technology and features.

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