6 Different Types of Air Conditioners

6 Different Types of Air Conditioners

If you are staying in a mild or in a hot climate region, Air conditioner turns out to be an important equipment to have at home. There are different types of Air conditioners available in the market. Check out the right product and help yourself to save money and enjoy the quality based on the necessity.

Every type of Air conditioner is known to have its own Pros and Cons. It is important for you to compare the types to buy the accurate product without confusions.

This article helps you to find out various types of air conditioners with both advantages and disadvantages. Evaluate the requirements before comparing different types of air conditioners because it helps you to find the right product in a quick span of time.

Air conditioner types and prices

As there various types of air conditioners, it is exciting for you to know more about the equipment. It is highly recommended for every user to understand the specifications and budget requirement because it plays a vital role to utilize features in an effective way. There are more than a couple of air coolers under the budget of 10000, which helps in picking depending on the need.

The modern technology has offered sufficient types of air conditioners that can be used depending on the requirement regularly.

The Top 10 Best Air Conditioners are inspired by Air Coolers in technology and functionality. Coolers are a great choice to save both money and energy over a period of time. Check out the Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India to use during summer in both residential and commercial premises.

Air conditioner types names

The top 6 types of air conditioners are known to have segregated based on the design and technology used effectively. Scroll down to know more about every product in detail.

  1. Central Air conditioner
  2. Ductless or Mini-split air conditioner
  3. Window air conditioner
  4. Portable air conditioner
  5. Hybrid Air conditioner
  6. Geothermal heating and cooling
different types of air conditioners

Different types of air conditioners

Central Air conditioner

The central air conditioner is one of the popular types of air conditioners in the market because of its versatile features. The product has the ability to cool a large part of the area without consuming a lot of power source.

The installation may be challenging for you because it requires effective planning from an experienced professional. Central air conditioners require ducts attached to the wall because it helps you to enjoy the cool air in different rooms without compromising on the budget.

Central types of air conditioners supply cool air with the help of supply and return ducts. The wall attached ducts deliver cool air and the warm air is transported back to the conditioner because it increases the efficiency and performance.

types of air conditioners


  • Low power requirement
  • Covers wide space
  • Cons
  • No full control of the equipment
  • Huge investment

Ductless Air conditioner

Ductless is one of the widely used types of air conditioners across the world. The retro-styled air conditioner is known to consume a lot of energy because it is compact in size and offers a wide range of features.

The modern-day Ductless Air conditioner has its own thermostats, which allows you to enjoy performance depending on the requirement. The multiple handling units offer better access for users to increase performance and decrease energy consumption in an easy way.

If you are looking forward to installing an Air conditioner for a small portion of an area, the ductless air conditioner is the best choice because it saves a lot of energy consumption in an easy way.

different types of air conditioners


  • Easy to install the air conditioner
  • Elegant to display
  • Cons
  • Expensive compared to a central air conditioner
  • Coverless area

Window Air conditioner

Window air conditioners from top AC brands are similar to the ductless air conditioner with a minimal amount of difference in technology. Window AC is one of the popular types of air conditioners, which costs lesser than ductless air conditioners.

The product follows basic technique and concept. It functions by pulling hot or warm air outside the room after blowing cool air in a precise manner. The unit is compact and requires a perfect installation on the wall because it helps users to enjoy a long life.

The product is suitable for small and individual rooms and offers long life from time to time.

air conditioner types names


  • Less investment
  • Natural Airflow
  • Cons
  • Low performance
  • Noisy functionality (some products)

Portable Air conditioner

As the name says, the air conditioner is small in size with necessary functionality. Most of the modern day air conditioner manufacturers are producing compact and mobile air conditioners because it allows people to carry depending on the requirement.

The product removes warm or hot air by inducing the device and releases cool air for a small region. The vent or duct is installed on the wall, which releases warm air into the environment in a quick time.

Portable air conditioners are one of the best types of air conditioners for the outgoing individual because it helps them to carry the product and enjoy the luxury in an effective way. Portable air conditioners require installation but can be done by a layman with the help of manuals in an easy way.

air conditioner types and prices


  • Portable in size
  • Easily transportable
  • Cons
  • Low performance
  • Do not fit large space areas

Hybrid Air conditioners

Hybrid air conditioners are the next generation of air conditioners because of its advanced technology techniques. The equipment uses smart technology to use the right fuel based on the situation. The hybrid air conditioners use both fossil fuels and electricity to function effectively.

The equipment uses normally during summer seasons by producing cool air with the help of artificial power source. During winter, the machine generates or transfers heat from the outer environment to save power source in an easy way.

The Hybrid air conditioners work using the second law of Thermodynamics, which explains the heat, is generated by transferring from a hot object to cold object. When the refrigerant drops, the external heat source keeps the environment warm easily.

air conditioner compressor types


  • Multiple fuel adjustment features
  • Saves electricity
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • Requires large area to operate

Geo Thermal heating and cooling

Geothermal heating and the cooling concept is seen widely in high-level commercial industries. The Geothermal air conditioners extract heat from the earth in order to provide cooling to the required environment.

A geothermal coil is installed deep in the ground to extract heat because it helps to offer cool air. The equipment works in summer by extracting heat from the room and vice-versa in the winter.

The natural process allows you to save ample amount of money easily.

types of air conditioners


  • Extremely suitable for large space regions
  • Natural heating and cooling sources
  • Cons
  • Expensive to buy and install the equipment
  • High-maintenance


There are various types of air conditioners available in the market. It is wise for you to compare products and varieties to figure out the right items depending on the necessity. It is widely recommended for you to check for the power consumption and performance details well because it helps you use for a long time at lower costs.

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