Top 10 Air Coolers in India under 6000/- (Updated 2019)

Top 10 Air Coolers in India under 6000/- (Updated 2019)

Air coolers and ACs have been a top pick this summer because it keeps you cool in hot environments. There are various aspects to consider while buying the best Air Cooler in India. The below article gives a glimpse of buying guide and explains important aspects before buying online.

Air conditioners are expensive than Air coolers but provide sufficient amount of performance in both residential and commercial locations.

Different kinds of air coolers 

air cooler price in india

Some of the important specifications to consider while buying Air Cooler


The capacity of the product defines the power of the equipment. Bigger the capacity, it covers the large space in the area. Ensure to pick the right product based on the space availability


Most of the products are known to offer one year standard warranty. Ensure to check in detail to have a fair idea of the product. Better products gives you long life and help you in enjoying consistent performance effectively


Size is one of the important aspects to consider because most of the coolers are known to acquire a large space in the room. Ensure to check the size and the space in the room because it helps you buy the perfect product without compromising on the comfort aspects.

Brand and Amazon fulfilled

Brand value is an important parameter to check before buying an air cooler for both residential and commercial premises.

We ensure to offer reputed brands for our customers to enjoy a long life with consistent performance.

Top 10 best Air coolers in India with Specifications

Bajaj FRIO 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler (White)

The Bajaj Frio offers built-in ice chambers because it helps you to add ice cubes for faster and effective cooling. The powerful blower generates sufficient airflow to increase user experience from time to time. The compact design allows you to fit in any room with the small amount of space in an effective way.

Important specifications

Water Tank Capacity23Ltrs
Dimensions of the product 44.5 cm x 34.0 cm x 78.0cm (L x B x H)
Honeycomb cooling mediayes
Easily removable padsyes
 cooling pad3 Side
Easy mobility from Castor wheel yes
Speed control in 3 ways
Power Consumption 140 Watts

Crompton Personal Air Cooler 7Ltrs

Crompton brand has good value in terms of offering quality fans and personal air coolers at reasonable costs. The 7 litre Crompton cooler is one of the best options to choose because it costs almost equal to any of the average featured a fan in the market.

The air cooler does not throw the water out but provides a quality experience on a regular basis. The 7-litre cooler is widely used in the kitchen because it covers a decent 10 feet air throw distance.

Important specifications

Air Delivery650 M3/H 
Warranty 12 Months 
Air Throw Distance 10 feet air throw distance
Power Consumption 90W
Tank Capacity7
CROSS-VENTILATION requirementyes

Crompton Ginie ACGC – PAC07 Personal Air Cooler – 7Ltrs

The compact and space-saving personal air cooler offers sufficient amount of power for a single person. The air cooler comes with 7-litre capacity and quality water level indicator. The air throw distance of the product is 10 feet, which is enough for small rooms on a regular basis.

Important specifications

air delivery650 M3/hour 
air throw distance10 feet
cooling area700 cubic feet
Water level indicatoryes
Honeycomb cooling yes
Motor overload protectoryes
Water drain plug for easy cleaningyes

Bajaj Tc2007 37-Litre Air Cooler

The Bajaj TC2007 is the perfect cooler for people to enjoy cool air in India. The 37-litre air cooler has attracted a lot of people because of its extended features.

The advanced design with 3-speed blower ensures to offer consistent performance for a long time. The 4-way air deflection feature ensures to distribute cool air to all corners of the room effectively.

Important specifications

Capacity 34 liters
Product dimensions (LxBxH) 46.5cm x 30.8 cm x 84.0 cm
Honeycomb cooling media, yes
3 Side cooling padyes
speed control3
Quite Performance yes
Power 175 watts175 watts
Operating voltage 230 230

Singer Aviator Personal SPC 020 APE 20-Litre Room Cooler (White)

The singer is one of the popular brands in the market because of quality introductions. The Singer Aviator personal SPC 020 is a powerful product at reasonable costs. The cooler can offer air delivery up to 1250 cubic m/hr with a massive 20-litre tank capacity.

Important specifications

3 Speed Levels 3
Air Delivery up to 1250 Cubic m/hr, 
Ice-chamber for enhanced coolingyes
Honey-Comb Long Last cooling padyes
Castor Wheels for Easy Mobility4
Air Deflection with Motorized Vertical Louvers Movement4
Water Level Window and Drain Plug For Easy Cleaningyes
Capacity20 litres
Warranty1 year
Power 130 watts 130 watts
Operating Voltage 220 – 240 volts
Inverter Compatible

Pigeon Consta cool 12627 15-Litre Air Cooler (Multicolour)

It is important for every individual to consider buying an advanced machine to enjoy easy features. The massive charging and battery capabilities offer an easy option to stay mobile effectively.

The friendly castor wheels help people to move from one room to another room easily. The 7-hour long cooling effect without electricity plays an important role for people with electricity issues.

Important specifications

Rechargeable air cooler yes
cooling without external power7 hours 
Strong air throwyes
Easy to move – extremely portable4 wheels
fan settings3-speed 
Water tank capacity 15 litres
air cooler with remoteyes
Timer functionyes
Warranty 1 year on product
Power 30 watts 
Operating Voltage 220 – 240 volts

Singer Aviator Mini STC 010 AWE 10-Litre Personal Room Cooler (White)

The Aviator series has attracted a lot of singer fan group across the world. The product is suitable for one person or a small room because of its size. 

The major benefit of using the air cooler is mobile friendly and saves ample amount of space effectively. The 10-litre capacity air cooler is sufficient for a single person and provides good lifespan.

Important specifications

Speed Levels3
Air Delivery up to 450 Cubic m/hr
Inverter Compatible
Ice-chamber for enhanced coolingyes
Honey-Comb Long Last cooling padyes
Motorized Vertical Louvers Movement yes
Adjustable Horizontal Louversyes
Water Level Windowyes
Drain Plugyes
Suitable for 1 Person
Capacity 10 Liter, 
Warranty 1 year, 
Power 90 watts 
Operating Voltage 240 volts

Castor Smart Cool 20-Litre 3 Level Speed Inverter Compatible Personal Cooler – White

The 20-litre smart cool air cooler offers some of the advanced features at reasonable cost. The castor smart cool air cooler is one of the best air coolers available in the similar price range from other brands. The rust-proof spare parts help people to save money while services from time to time.

Important specifications

Water Tank Capacity – 20 Liters
Power Packed Sturdy Blower yes
Control Function. 3 speed
Fragrance Chamberyes
Inverter Compatible. yes
Vertical Louver Movement. Automatic 
ABS BodyRust Proof 
Wheels Multi-Directional 
Mosquito & Dust Protection.yes
Ice Chamber. yes
Honeycomb Padsyes

Usha Atomaria 9-Litre Personal Air Cooler (White)

The Usha atomaria personal air cooler is compact in size and covers up to 60 Sq ft in a room. It is necessary to have a cross ventilation option to increase the efficiency from time to time. The personal air cooler is manufactured to support a single person. The product has 3-speed controls with a highly efficient water level indicator.

Important specifications

Dust Filter yes
Honeycomb Cooling Medium yes
Ice Box Compartmentyes
Easy to Carry Handleyes
Speed Control3
Water Level Indicatoryes
Works on Inverteryes
 Airflow- 500 m3/hr 
Air Throw- 10 Feet
Warranty 1 yeathe r on product, 
Power 75 watts

Symphony Diet 12T 12 Liter Air Cooler (White)

The diet 12T air cooler is a favourite cooler among commercial users. The compact and elegant product offers spot cooling features with 12-litre water capacity.

The air cooler is suitable for one person and covers a space of 1000ft easily.  The 30Ft air throwing distance allows every individual in the room to experience the effect from time to time.

Important specifications

Cooler type Personal Cooler 
suitable for spot cooling yes
Capacity 12 Liters 
Room size up to 28 m3/ 1000 ft3
Product dimensions (LxBxH) 30.0 cm x 33.0 cm x 84.5 cm
CROSS-VENTILATION requirement yes
wheelsMulti directional 
High efficiency honey comb padsyes
Air Throw Distance 30 Ft
Power 170 Watts 
Operating voltage 230 V 
Warranty 1 year


We have listed the top 10 air coolers India 2018 available online at reasonable costs. The air coolers are capable to cool the room based on the requirement from time to time. The best air coolers are determined based on the requirement and the chart gives you enough idea to choose the perfect room coolers in an effective way.

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