Top 10 Best Air Coolers under 10000/- in India | Pros & Cons

Top 10 Best Air Coolers under 10000/-

Beating the heat is easier with the help of advanced technology home appliances. Air Coolers are available in different kinds because it helps people to choose based on the need. Check out some of the top 10 best air coolers under 10000 with effective balance in features.

Best Air coolers for Home and/or Air conditioners have evolved to a great extent. The evolution gives a wide room to enjoy cool atmosphere in hot temperatures.

Air conditioners or best air cooler in India 2019 are one of the essential equipment in the present day. It is necessary for most parts of the country because it helps you enjoy cool air all the time. Know different types of Air Conditioners and Air Coolers to understand features before purchasing.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers under 10000/- with Pros & Cons

Bajaj Tc2007 37-Litre Air Cooler

Bajaj is one of the finest Air Cooler brands in the market because of quality products. The brand is offering models at affordable costs because it helps in reaching out. The Bajaj TC2007 air cooler comes with inverter compatible features. Inverter options allow the user to enjoy functionality all the time. It helps the user to enjoy the product without worrying about power cuts.

The Four-way air deflection is one of the popular features in the market. The effective air deflection allows users to enjoy cool air in a wide room. The proper air deflection controls enable users to customise the airflow depending on the need. Most of the users prefer using the model because of the Uniform airflow to all 4 sides of the room .

Pros and Cons of Bajaj Air Cooler

  • Inverter compatibility
  • 3 Speed Control
  • Huge water tank
  • Heavy Noise after some time
  • Water level indicator is delicate

Bajaj MD2020 54 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White)

Affordability is one of the main aspects, Bajaj has kept in mind before releasing models. Water tank capacity is a crucial factor because it acts like a battery in mobile phones. The best air coolers under 10000 comes with a massive water tank capacity because it helps in using for a long time. The 54 litre water tank is enough for people to use for 24 hours without hassles.

Not every consumer would be in need at top speed while using on a daily basis. The bajaj 54 litre water cooler gives necessary control to increase the speed all the time. The model comes with 3 speed control, which enables you to set the essential temperature.

Pros and Cons of Bajaj Air Cooler

  • Sleek Design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Large Water tank Capacity
  • Low efficiency in cooling
  • No Extra Motor

Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler (White)

Symphony is manufacturing quality air coolers for a long time now in the Indian market. There are more than a couple of models for the brand to show off for customers. The HiCool i 31 is a popular model which offers a set of advanced features to enjoy. the functional intelligent remote provides easy to use options to handle the model.

Air cooler operation is an essential factor to consider because it helps in using for a long time. The Digital control of the best air cooler for home is an added bonus for regular users in the market. The feather touch control panels give a unique way of the operating room because it allows users to take the better room.

Pros and Cons of Symphony Air Cooler

  • Bed level air throw.
  • Air flow at 15 feet distance at high speed.
  • Easy to use panel and responsive Buttons
  • Manual up and down adjustment required for air throw direction
  • No humidity control

Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Protect 50 L Air Cooler with Anti Mosquito Technology 

It is a known fact that most of the Indian customers have a list of features required. Mosquito problem exists in most places across the country. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto protect air cooler comes with a unique feature, which helps you stay away from mosquito hassles. The unique anti-mosquito chamber spills solution to beat mosquitos with repellent refills. The repellent Refills last longer and available in the market to buy at reasonable costs.

it is important to pour and store water in the air cooler because it helps you enjoy the cool air. Maharaja air cooler offers an affordable product, which has the capacity to store more water. The air cooler comes with a massive 50 liter tank to refill every once in a while.

Pros and Cons of Maharaja Air Cooler

  • Anti-mosquito Repellent solutions
  • Massive space covering feature
  • powerful Motor
  • Small in size
  • Produces noise after some time.

Orient Electric CD5003H 50-Ltr Desert Air Cooler

Orient is a reputed manufacturer of various home and kitchen appliances for a long time. The Desert Air cooler from Orient offers both performance and elegance at the same time. The grey-orange air cooler enhances the appearance, which enables users to place anywhere. The Dense nest honeycomb pads in the machine add as a bonus factor while purchasing the air cooler.

Motor functionality is a major parameter to explore because it helps you determine the performance. Orient electric Desert Air Cooler is a popular model in the market because of the powerful motor. The three speed motor has attracted a lot of people because it helps in saving electricity.

Pros and Cons of Orient Air Cooler

  • 3 speed powerful motor
  • Dense nest honeycomb pads
  • Elegant design
  • No Quality air delivery
  • No Durability

Usha Honeywell 12-Litre Personal Cooler with Remote Control (White)

Performance of the product depends on various aspects. Cooling is a major factor to consider for every individual before buying the air cooler. The Usha Honeywell 12 liter personal cooler has one of the best motors in the segment. The quick cooling features has attracted a lot of users in the market. The powerful motor helps users to enjoy quick breeze or coolness in the.

The advanced set of options gains attention among regular users. The model comes with a friendly remote for the customer. The remote allows users to operate from a far distance to enhance the experience. The quality and the personalised remote provides plenty of features to operate everytime.

Pros and Cons of Usha Air Cooler

  • Remote controlled machine
  • Quick cooling option
  • Calm and No Noise while functioning
  • Semi Detachable tank
  • Not an effective swing features

Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85 H Desert CD-168501HLA 85-Litre Air Cooler (Lavender)

Air Delivery is a primary specification, which requires good attention from the user. The massive air cooler offers quick and powerful air delivery. The quality and the powerful air delivery of the machine has made its way to one of the best air coolers under 10000.

Tank capacity in the air cooler helps you understand the handling structures. The air cooler has an enormous 85 liter capacity to fill both water and ice cubes every day. A large amount of water filling space helps people in saving time while refilling daily. The unique option in the air cooler fills the water automatically to reduce users time.

Pros and Cons of Hindware Air Cooler

  • Auto fill tank options
  • 4 way air deflection
  • Honey comb pads
  • Not an effective water level indicator
  • Smells bad during operation during early days

Symphony Diamond DB 61 Ltrs Air Cooler

Symphony is always good with offering new and unique products to customers. The pad area defines the actual performance of the machine. The Symphony Diamond DB is one of the best air coolers under 10000/- because of its large pad area. The large pad area with cool flow dispense enables users to enjoy for a long time.

The capacity of any air cooler help you understand the usability to a major extent. If the machine has a higher capacity of holding water, it allows using for a long time. The Symphony air cooler has an ideal capacity of 61 Litres. The 61 liter capacity is enough to cover a room size of 300 sq ft.

Pros and Cons of Symphony Air Cooler

  • Good Air Throw
  • Cost-effective
  • Durability
  • In-effective cooling
  • Smells bad during operation

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Ltr Desert Air Cooler

Cooling pads play a vital role for every air coolers in a residential environment. The modern technology has offered a good room for people to chose the desired cooling pads. Crompton Greaves provides an advanced wood wool cooling pad, which gives better performance.

Most of the Indian cities have a regular power cut because of various reasons. It is necessary to have an appliance, which works during power cuts as well. The inverter options lets users to have a flawless functionality all the time. The Air cooler comes with Inverter capability to enhance the performance.

Pros and Cons of Crompton Air Cooler

  • Superior cooling level
  • Quality built body
  • Durable Honey comb pad 
  • Little Humming sound
  • Consumes a lot of electricty

Orient Elec. Snowbreeze Super 50Ltr Air Cooler

Orient is one of the best brands in producing quality air coolers. It is importnat for every consumer to understand the cooling features before buying. There are different kinds of advanced features available to enhance cooling effect. The powerful cooling option in the orient air cooler provides extra performance.

Saving electricity is a necessary factors to consider because of various reasons. The Energy Efficient air cooler has gained a lot of attention in the market. The massive air cooler with 50 liter capacity comes with enough features to save 

Pros and Cons of Hindware Air Cooler

  • Superior cooling level
  • Quality built body
  • Durable Honey comb pad 
  • Little Humming sound
  • Consumes a lot of electricty

Air Cooler buying Guide

Inverter compatibility

Most of the rural locations need an air cooler with inverter compatibility. Inverter compatibility allows you to use the appliance during power cuts. The modern-day Air coolers with an expensive tag come with compatibility features to attract more audience in the market.

Water Tank Capacity

Check out the air cooler buying guide, which helps in determining the right product. Air Coolers need regular water filling to adding cooling facility. Higher the water tank capacity longer the performance. It is important to choose the best air cooler under 10000 with larger water tank capacity because it helps to use for a long time without refilling. 

Easy Mobility

Moving from one location to another location is a great convenience for users. It is important to look for an air cooler, which offers convenient mobility options. Easy mobility gives enables you to move from one room to another room in a quick time.

Air Flow Features

Air Flow is an essential parameter because it defines air cooler performance. It is important to know the actual amount of airflow to buy any of the top 10 air coolers in the market. Most of the current day coolers come with 4-way air deflection features to improve the performance.


Cost of the air coolers is low compared to some of the Top 10 AC in the market. It is important to compare between the air conditioner and air cooler to know the difference. Air coolers are a common option for middle-class people because it consumes less electricity without compromising the budget.


Brand reputation and handling are important factors while describing the durability. Quality handling of appliance gives better performance for a long span of time. Most of the branded air coolers in the market last long because of obvious reasons.


There are tons and tons of air cooler brands in the market. Know some of the quality brands to filter some of the quality models in the market. It is important to check for the reviews before shortlisting the product. Shortlisting helps to buy the right product manufactured by a reputed brand.


Buying an air cooler to enjoy the performance for a long time is a big deal. As there are plenty of products available in the market, it is confusing to choose the best model from the right manufacturer.

The above list of products are known to have good reviews, which gives a fair idea for users to understand before buying

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