Top 13 Best OTG Ovens in India | Buying Guide, Price and Features

Top 13 Best OTG Ovens in India | Buying Guide, Price and Features

There is a large number of toaster oven options in the market, which offer the widest range of features. We offer the best OTG Ovens in India with features to simplify the buying process from time to time. If you want the best price toaster ovens then there is no doubt that you will find them through us.

If you are unsure of just which Microwave oven brand you would like then we encourage you to simply browse by features. There are actually a number of very good toaster ovens available and there are some very professional Convection ovens available.

We have the choice of buying a very simple 2 or 4 slice toaster oven or going for a larger convection toaster oven that can also make six slices of toast at one time.

Top 13 Best OTG Ovens in India with Features

Black + Decker 9 LTR Oven Toaster Grill

When it comes to toaster oven reviews the one thing that can be said about the Black And Decker toaster oven is that the price is amazing!

This is one of those products that it is hard to believe is so cheap. It really is a fantastic buy and one that you will be extremely pleased with. With a slide-out crumb tray, it really is an exceptionally cheap toaster oven for what you get. Using only 650 watts of power it is much more economical to use than a conventional oven.



Whether you want to toast 4 slices, broil a chicken, cook a nice fresh or frozen pizza or bake or simply keep food warm this model does it all, and at a crazy low price as well. Set it to make a toast to your desired colour and a two position rack for even more versatile cooking.

This is a great alternative to using the more energy consuming main oven. You will find it large enough to use for almost all cooking purposes. Using only about as much power as a traditional toaster it is amazing that it can also perform the functions more closely related to a normal oven.

Low Priced Oven

The Black + Decker 9 LTR Oven Toaster Grill reviews are all fairly glowing. As pointed out it is not like a high range convection toaster oven but for the low price, it is simply a fantastic buy.

For anyone looking for very cheap toaster ovens then this is about as cheap as it is possible to get. It is actually a lot lower in price than many basic toasters so it really is a very versatile piece of machinery to sit on the counter top in your kitchen.

Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill (Grey)

The Philips 25 Liter OTG is a fantastically designed toaster oven and here at toaster oven reviews, we think that it is one of the nicest we have seen.

The product is really an amazing value buy and is a sure winner for anyone looking for a reasonable oven. It is nicely designed and very modern toaster oven which does nothing but enhances and feels of the kitchen.

This is a large toaster oven that will easily allow you to toast six slices as well as defrost, bake, broil or warm all manner of meals and more. It has a very easy to clean interior and the electronic touchpad controls make it extremely easy to use as well as give it a nice modern look.



Simple in design, it is nice to look at and simply has basic knobs to adjust temperatures etc. No gimmicks and no screens or other gadgets that could easily go wrong, this is just a great model that performs its functions effectively and with low running costs.

You really cannot go wrong with the cheap black and decker toaster oven. Coming in stainless steel and matte black it looks a lot more expensive than it is and that is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s one of the favourites amongst toaster oven reviews sites.

Modern Technology features at affordable price

People will assume that you paid hundreds for this model and that it is cutting edge when in reality it is very low priced but it is very up to date with modern cooking technology.

With a crumb tray, a timer, auto shut off and more this is a very versatile oven. Philips toaster oven is a fantastic value for money and not to be missed out on. The defrost then toast option works like a charm and still cook evenly. Evenly cooking is a real boon for those that like to take a bagel out of the freezer and toast it straight away.

All in all the Philips toaster oven is about as good as it gets, especially for the price.

Bajaj Majesty 2200 T 22-Litre 1200-Watts Oven Toaster Grill (White)

This is a very stylish model in stainless steel and is a fine addition to any counter or worktop. This toaster can easily accommodate 6 slices of toast and will easily cook all the usual things you would use a conventional oven for.

For a toaster oven, the price is fairly exceptional and you will have no problems cooking pizzas, chickens, etc. With the ability to toast bagels, defrost or simply keep warm we have a great small oven that is perfect for making both excellent toasts as well as perfectly cooked food because of the convection oven.

With an easy to clean interior, the oven can be spotless in seconds and the electronic touchpad controls make setting timers and programming about as simple as it can get.


Customer Friendly

With a three year limited warranty, a crumb tray, auto shut off and cord storage we are getting a top of the range toaster oven for a bargain price. Using 1200 watts an hour this can make some quite remarkable savings on electricity. Savings are efficient over a conventional convection oven where you would be looking at almost doubt the power consumption.

This is why more and more people are turning to convection toaster ovens rather than there normal oven. The savings on electricity really do add up over time to a quite considerable degree. The Bajaj 22 litre can broil and bake and will easily accommodate a 12-inch pizza making it extremely versatile.


With an expensive commercial look thanks to the stainless steel exterior and brushed chrome features. This is a design that will do nothing but enhance the look and feel of any kitchen.

The Oven heats up rapidly to the set temperature. There is no doubt that it performs very well as a conventional oven in a slightly smaller form.

American Micronic AMI-OTG-42LDx 42-Litre Digital OTG

For just about the price of a nice contemporary toaster you get a sleek design and a state of the art countertop digital oven. Anyone who wants to get a new digital oven or even just a new six slice toaster will find it difficult to find anything that compares for both the price and quality.

When it comes to reviews of toaster ovens the American Micronic OTG is a dream to write about. The fact is that for a digital oven the price is unbelievable. For the low cost of this 6 slice toaster oven you really cannot go wrong. With its sleek look and high end feel the price seems ridiculously low.


Digital Technology in OTG

Digital technology is state of the art technology in OTG. It simply does not seem possible that a digital slice toaster can be sold at the price it is available for.

It contains 2 rack settings, the ability to set the toaster to varying shades and cool touch side handles. The auto timer and shut off, a non-stick interior, a crumb tray and a baking pan and broiler insert included it just seems that they may have missed a massive amount off the price, and even then it would still be cheaper than many countertop ovens.

Large Interiors

The American Micronic toaster oven has a glass door a sixty-minute timer. it has a continuous clean non-stick interior and a super sleek stainless steel design. The large interior means that you can easily cook whole roasts as well as a large 12-inch pizza easily. With a 1 year limited warranty and the free cooking accessories you really will be hard pushed to find a better deal.

The functions work great, you can fit some regular sized pans inside. The design is great and the price is amazing. What more could you want? Save on electricity costs by using the American Micronic oven over other options and you will be amazed at just how good a product this really is.

Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (White)

At just over 3000/- this really is an amazing deal. A great quality product and an amazing price, it is hard to find a better deal for a toaster oven. It saves on electricity costs over your main oven, this is a very popular item and truly fantastic value.

The Bajaj Majesty oven is one of the lowest priced on the market. If you want a toaster oven under 4000/- then this is well below that price range.

When it comes to toaster oven reviews the price is always an important consideration. The Bajaj Majesty is certainly is an affordable toaster oven.


User-Friendly Machine

To some extent the reviews are slightly mixed, some people love it while others seemed to find it not satisfactory. The problem seems to stem primarily from a lack of understanding of how to use the functions properly. As one reviewer pointed out, it is simply a matter of taking a few minutes to read the instructions.

After that, this then becomes a very easy to use and very intuitive toaster oven. You can use it to toast 4 slices of bread or muffins, bagels etc as well as easily cook casseroles, pizzas and perform broiling, roasting and all the other things you do in your conventional oven.

Saves Electricity

But using only 1400 watts it means you can cut down dramatically on electricity costs. The fact that it is only the same price as a reasonable quality toaster. You are certainly getting your money’s worth.

With great display options and a very nice designer look and feel to this toaster oven it will only enhance the look of any kitchen and certainly looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

If you want to know about the best toaster ovens at great prices then this model is certainly worth a look.

Morphy Richards 52 RCSS 52-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Black)

This will look very stylish on the countertop and with its large oven you can easily cook up to a 12-inch pizza as well as large joints of meat, whether you wish to roast, broil or simply reheat.

For such a great price this Morphy Richards 52 litre Oven sure has an awful lot of great functions. Use as a toaster, a very efficient toaster oven and more.

The fact is that there are not many toaster ovens that are quite as efficient as this model. As well as saving on electricity by using the oven option you can easily cook meats to great success with the rotisserie option.


Price Effective

The oven is pretty much all in accord that for the money this is a great choice and one of the best out of the many toaster oven reviews we have seen by the public.

Customer reviews are all rather impressive and there is no doubt that for the price this is an exceptional buy. Take a look at the full range as well and you will see that there are a number of great toaster ovens available, and at great prices too.

Advanced Features

Use for the morning toast or muffins just as easily as cooking a full meal or use the rotisserie option for a fantastic cooked joint or chicken. This model is extremely popular and we can see just why this is the case.

The advantage of the oven is that it uses nowhere near the amount of electricity that a conventional convection oven uses so you can save on costs by using it whenever you do not really need the full-sized oven that you normally use.

Prestige POTG 9 PC 800-Watt Oven Toaster Grill (Grey)

The Prestige POTG is of tremendous value and actually a slightly ridiculous price. With just a few simple knobs to control the cooking, it features simplicity rather than a hindrance.

Many people do not like LCD displays and the like, thinking it is just another thing to go wrong. The Prestige toaster oven is simple but effective and it doesn’t look half bad either.

If you want a very cheap toaster ovens package then you really can’t do better than this, it is simply unbeatable value and you will never find a toaster oven for a lower price than this.



With a slide out oven rack a roasting pan and more all included in the price, you can be sure that you can do anything from cook 4 slices of toast to make a meal in the oven with ease. A fantastic bargain and you certainly can’t say that it is not worth the money, that is for sure.

With a non-stick bake pan, thermal tongs and a broiling tray all included. Cool to the touch handles, a great timer feature and more the list just goes on and on. With high-quality soft-touch buttons amongst its many features, you can bet that this high tech convection oven will give you perfect results time and time again.

Stylish exteriors and Interiors

The Prestige toaster oven is about as stylish a toaster oven as we have seen, and here at the toaster oven reviews site we have seen quite a few stylish toaster ovens. In a super stylish and modern black with stainless steel touches it looks for more expensive than it is.

Ideal for a quality look in any kitchen we have nothing but praise for the high quality look of this fantastic convection toaster oven.

The extensive features up which many other models don’t, it cooks extremely evenly, has an auto shut off after the cooking time has finished, which is very handy, and the look of it is about the best anyone has seen.

Wonderchef 63152143 19-Litre OTG (Black)

If you have been unsure about what the best toaster oven is to buy then this is amongst the best. Wonderchef toaster ovens reviews are all very positive because of obvious reasons. With its designer looks the model will add a real sense of quality to your kitchen.

Buy the Wonderchef toaster oven and you will not be disappointed. It looks much more expensive than the low price you paid for it and you can be sure that it will save time and increase your efficiency in the kitchen.

A great gift, gifts for cooks like this model will always be appreciated. It is a perfect choice if you need to buy a new toaster oven for your own kitchen. Top marks and highly recommended.


Price Effective

For the price, this is an astonishingly good buy. The toaster oven really has us quite surprised here at the toaster oven reviews site. For a toaster oven that is a high-quality convection oven, the price is pretty much amazing.

6 slice toasting is a breeze with the Wonderchef toaster oven. The 1280-watt oven is large to perform many daily cooking tasks and therefore save quite dramatically on electricity costs. It Easily bakes bread, cooks meat, broils, re-heats and keep warm anything you would in your main oven.


With an advanced control panel, an effective timer and a permanent clock this really is an outstanding toaster oven. The look of it means it can take pride of place on any kitchen countertop.

Reading a few reviews all we can say is WOW! People who have purchased it absolutely love it and the price is just part of the reason why it is so popular.

The warmer feature on top has a nice clear glass lid which puts it above many other models that do not have such a good feature. If you want about the best possible convection toaster oven and you want it at a budget price then this is definitely the oven for you.

Morphy Richards OTG Besta 52-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Black)

You simply will find it hard to find another model that is so jam-packed with features and good value. Buy the Morphy Richards toaster oven today and you will not be disappointed with the results that you get.

For toaster oven reviews Black And Decker are at the fore for great bargains and great toaster ovens. The Morphy Richards toaster oven is no exception. At a great price, this very modern looking countertop toaster oven is certainly very appealing.



With a thirty minute timer, you can easily toast, bake and keep warm anything you wish with ease. With a great LCD display and touch button display, you can easily cook a 9-inch pizza with this toaster oven.

The Oven reviews all seem to have one thing in common and that is that it has a very modern look and feel to it. The black and chrome make it look extremely sleek and modern and you can be sure that it sits perfectly with the new sleek styles many of us are now going for in our kitchen design.

Advanced Features

Be sure that you are getting a toaster oven that is completely up to date and easy to use. This fits the bill perfectly. It is simple and efficient and can save a substantial amount of electricity over the more traditional and power hungry main oven we are often forced to use instead.

This model will cut the cost dramatically as we can use it for quite a large amount of normal day to day cooking. If you want a low-cost alternative to the main oven and a combination oven and toaster then this is a perfect choice for you. Buy now and you can be assured of a low price and an efficient cooker.

Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS 45-Litre Oven Toaster Grill (Silver)

This is another great release from Bajaj Majesty. Easily bake toast or keep warm with this great space saving toaster oven. You will find that this is an extremely efficient yet not too large toaster oven. Ideal for those that do not want to much countertop space being taken up.

It easily takes up bread slices or a pizza making it perfect for both toasts and cooking regular sized meals. You will make massive savings on electricity because of exclusive power saving features compared to other products.


Cost effective product

With a drop-down crumb tray and a timer, this space-saving toaster oven can be inserted beneath a cabinet for even more space saving. The oven reviews that we read all seem to be very impressed with this very low priced toaster oven so it is perfect for anyone on a budget.

Ideal for under the counter this toaster oven is a great buy and comes highly recommended indeed by those that have purchased it.

Special Features

There is one special feature everyone loves, and that is the save a plug outlet. You can actually plug food mixers, grinders etc, directly ion to the toaster oven which saves the need for multiple power points and will stop the annoying problem of power cords all over the kitchen.

A few people seemed to have trouble installing this model. One very good reviewer simply pointed out the fact that you need to just read the instructions before installing this model.

Don’t just jump in thinking you know how to install it. Take a few minutes to read the instruction manual and the whole operation will go smoothly and efficiently and it will look great installed under a counter top.

Usha 42L (OTGW 3642RCSS) Oven Toaster Grill (Stainless Steel & Wine)

The price of the toaster oven is pretty amazing. It is one of the cheapest models available but that by no means reflects badly on the quality. For a convection oven, you simply will be hard pushed to find a lower priced model.

With a 12-inch pizza bump and the ability to toast six slices, this is very roomy. With a bake and toast signal bell as well as a slide out crumb tray. The 120 min timer and easy clean interior help this toaster oven has it all.


Saves Electricity Bill

Save on electricity by using this 1500 watt oven rather than your main oven and you will see fairly large savings on your utility bills.

You can cook, broil or reheat and you will find this is a very versatile piece of equipment. Coming in stainless steel this can take pride of place on the countertop and looks magnificent.

Cooking Process

The product does a great job of speeding up the whole cooking process. You will soon realize that this leads to large savings over other options in general. Saves electricity with efficient cooking using your large main oven when it is not really needed. For the low price, it comes highly recommended and the fact that it has a nice look and feels to it is a great bonus when we consider the price that is being paid.

If you want a nice simple and very affordable convection toaster oven then this is surely a great buy. The Usha 42L is a great way to get an excellent toaster oven at one of the lowest prices available.

Panasonic Oven Toaster Grill (38 L, Stainless Steel)

This toaster oven from Panasonic really is amazing value for the price. Compared to many toaster ovens this is simply fantastic as far as the quality is concerned. With a 120 minute timer as well as the usual slide out tray for crumb collection we are also getting so much more as well.

The bell will tell us when the timer has finished and with nice to the touch soft feel buttons and a high tech digital display this really is one of the best-priced toaster ovens on the market.


Space and Size

This model is large enough that you can cook a twelve-inch pizza. It is suitable for just about anything that you would normally cook in an OTG oven. The beauty of it is that as well as the great stainless steel look it will use nowhere near as much energy to run as your normal oven would do.

It is having a very nice design and easy to use with a lot of good features. It is easy to understand and does a very good job of cooking anything in all the varieties

The rack can also be adjusted to ensure that the food turns out to your exact preferences. So, all in all, it really does do exactly what it is required. Enough size and space is just about everything a much more expensive oven would do.

Price Effective.

If you want a very low priced but sturdy in design toaster oven then this release from Panasonic comes highly recommended from nearly everyone that has made a purchase.

Havells 18 RSS 18-Litre 1200-Watts Oven Toaster Grill (White)

The Havells Toaster oven is one of the all-time best selling Toaster Ovens. Using 1200 Watts this most intelligent of toaster ovens using element IQ technology for greater control over the heat. It has multiple pre-set functions and a totally non-stick interior.

The heating elements are made of Quartz and there are a total of five. It comes with a great set of buttons and for convenience, we have 1 rack positions.



As this is a fairly top of the range model you will be pleased to see just what else is included. There are an eject wire rack and a crumb tray, as well as a broil rack, a pizza pan and a baking pan as well.

This all adds up to a rather impressive oven and here at the toaster oven reviews site, it has certainly impressed with all these details. For anyone wanting a top of the range toaster ovens then this is certainly a wise choice.

Smart Technology

The nine pre-set functions include Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, or Warm with the Havells. With smart technology means that you can easily change the pre-set times for each style of cooking. smart technology helps in liking and it will remember it for the future.

Let’s not forget how it looks though. In durable stainless steel, this is a great addition to any Kitchen. People like both the design and the fact that it uses half the energy of a conventional convection oven. In fact, it is actually seen as a replacement for a conventional oven. If you want one of the best ovens and at a great price then the Havells is a good choice.

Toaster Ovens Buying Guide

  • Size
  • Auto Cook Options
  • Transparent Door
  • Capacity
  • Power
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Discounts


We are rather spoiled for choice when it comes to the best toaster ovens. Here at the best Microwave ovens resource, there are many to choose from.

It is essential to know and understand the size requirement because it helps in finding the right product quickly. Know the difference between Microwave and oven before Deciding what is the best toaster oven to choose can really depend on just what we have in mind for it.

We can buy a very low-cost model for under 5000 and this is a perfect choice if all we want is to be able to make toast and to cook small items in the oven. You will find that these discount toaster ovens in this price range are perfect for making life that little bit easier in the kitchen.

Auto Cook Options

Which toaster oven we finally decide to buy depends on the specific use that we had in mind. We ensure you purchase ovens through us, you can enjoy the best features

Toaster oven technology has come on a long way in recent years and there is now a plethora of toaster ovens available for nearly the same price as a conventional toaster. This makes them a great choice if you even only need to replace a toaster, but the options they now come with are fairly incredible.

You will find that many of them come with extra toaster features and this means you can cook easily. A toaster oven is little different than a normal oven but they use much less electricity. This can cut down on bills quite dramatically over the course of a year or two.

otg oven morphy richards

Transparent Door

More and more customers are now buying Transparent toaster ovens because of various reasons. Other options from a few slices to being able to toast six slices at one time. Toaster ovens with transparent doors are a great piece of modern equipment that makes life just that little bit easier.

Browse the full range of toaster ovens available or take a look at the price ranges and we are sure that you will find the best price toaster ovens online, and all of the great quality too.

All this means that we are pretty much spoiled for choice so there is sure to be a toaster oven that is perfect for your needs. Simply browse the full range of brand options to see just what is on offer in all price ranges or pick your price bracket to narrow down your search.


You will be amazed just how many toaster ovens for sale there are. From space-saving toaster ovens that fit underneath a counter to free up a workspace to high-end items that look like they belong in a professional kitchen, all are available for the best prices online.

A toaster oven is a perfect way for us to cut down on the costs because of minimal capacity. We will find that they normally use about half the power and helps in considerable savings over the year.

Add to that the capacity convenience of simply using an oven that is right there on the counter and we can see why they are becoming more and more popular by the day.


Of course, top recommendations are probably the best possible choice. It is still affordable but much more comprehensive in what we can do. They can for the most part actually replace our conventional ovens because of advanced power saving features.

There are many very high-quality options. In fact, we can get a convection toaster oven for under 10000/- which makes them very affordable indeed.

We do recommend the toaster ovens because they can take the place of our main oven for the most part and help us to cook a lot more cheaply. They use nowhere near the same amount of electric and they are so much easier to use.

otg buy online


We can make our lives that little bit easier by using a simple countertop oven and many of the models available are even large enough to allow us to roast chickens and other large items many smaller models simply will not cope with.

Whatever we do decide to use there is no doubt that the price here is the best that you will find online and we do recommend that you take a look at a number of products in the varying price categories to see just what is on offer and what those who have purchased really think about their performance.

If you want discount toaster ovens then we have a large number of options for you to choose from. From small toaster ovens to much larger convection toaster ovens that are good enough and large enough to replace our conventional ovens for nearly all cooking.


From small toaster ovens to larger convection toaster ovens that can take the place of a regular oven, all are available from every brand and of the best possible quality. Read the Microwave oven brand reviews to see just what others have to say about a few models.

This is invaluable to determine the efficiency and a good recommendation is the best way to make a good choice.

We are sure that you will be more than happy with the discounted branded toaster ovens. Most of the brands provide easy to use the product with different price range categories because of obvious reasons. There are sure to be a number of great items you will be able to choose from every oven brand.

Read toaster ovens reviews for the specific brands you look at and you can get a very clear idea of just how good they really are.

best OTG oven in india reviews


Whatever you decide to buy you will find that using a toaster oven can significantly cut down on the cost of electricity because they use roughly half of what our main oven would use.

And with the low prices available now is the perfect time to really get a great toaster oven at a fantastic price. You will see that many are heavily discounted and there is an amazing number available for even under 5000/-. Perfect for replacing a conventional toaster they can take pride of place on the kitchen counter rather than being hidden away in a cupboard as many normal toasters are.

You will see that there are some amazing deals to be had. And more people are now choosing a toaster oven over just a simple toaster because of prices. We get so much more for money because the prices are actually about the same.


The selection is large and we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking with necessary features. Our top recommendations above are all very popular and have great reviews and are available cheaply but of great quality.

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