Top 10 Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India under 20000 in India

Top 10 Best Top Loading Washing Machine under 20000 in India

Washing machines have become an integral part of every household in the present times. There are very few people who would not be having a washing machine. With a lot of choice available in the product range, choosing an appropriate washing machine is a slightly difficult task. Check out some of the top 10 Best Top Loading Washing Machine under 20000 to buy in India.

There are many parameters which need to be taken into while going to buy the best washing machine. You should be very clear as to what size of machine do you require. It is important to know the functions and features that you are looking for in the machine. Then the persons using the machine should also be pre-decided and the times that it will be used in a week.

Washing Machine Types and Brands

There are many types of washing machines and each of them has their own distinctive advantages and disadvantages. Some of these machines are top loading while others are front load washer. Some of them have rotary dials and some others have electronic controls.

There are some of the best washing machine brands in India and have a wide product range. Some of the leading brands include names like Whirlpool, Haier, Samsung, LG, Bosch and so on…

A visit to this site ensures that you will have complete information on the different types of washing machines, their features and the various manufacturing companies.

Top 10 Best Top Loading Washing Machines under 20000 with Features and Specs

Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Stainwash Deep Clean (N) 10 YMW, Grey)

The 7.5 KG fully automatic top loading washing machine is a worth buy because of various reasons. It is important for customers to consider using a powerful motor with large drum size. The model offers both effectively, which play a vital role to use regularly. The 12 wash programs with energy efficient features enables users to enjoy the performance for a long time.

The machine has 6th sense stain wash deep clean technology to enhance the performance. As the model comes with 3d scrub, it is evident that the product is the best top loading washing machines in India.

Specs of Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Capacity7.50 Kilograms
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorTop-Loading
Control ConsoleFully Automatic
Voltage230 Volts
Wattage360 Watts

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL, Imperial Silver)

Samsung is one of the best brands to consider while buying home and kitchen appliances. As the manufacturer has a good reputation in India, it is evident that products comes with a lot of benefits. Samsung 6.2 KG fully automatic washing machine uses diamond drum, which washes clothes gently or softly.

The product is made up with a quality set of raw materials, which gives enough durability for the user. A tempered glass door on the washing machine is strong enough to hold heavy object easily. The transparent glass enables users to see the process of washing at any given point of time.

Specs of Samsung 6.2 KG Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Capacity6.20 Kilograms
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorTop load
ColourImperial Silver
Control ConsoleFully Automatic
Voltage220 Volts

IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX, Silver)

The only machine, which is slightly above Rs. 20000 mark. There are various kinds of benefits in using front loading washing machine. The advanced technology in the washing machine allows people to enjoy the convenience to the maximum extent.

The fully automatic front loading washing machine has a 6 KG Drum, which is sufficient to wash clothes effectively. It is important for users to understand the advantages of front loading machines because it helps them to pick the model based on the requirement and budget.

Specs of IFB 6 KG Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Capacity6 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed800 RPM
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorFront-Loading
Control ConsoleFully Automatic
Wattage930 Watts
Door MaterialPlastic

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua, Ivory White)

IFB is one of the reputed brand in manufacturing quality washing machines for a long time. There are plenty of new technology additions in the products, which enhances the performance and experience of the customer. The deep Clean wash system is an attractive feature, which helps in removing tough stains while washing.

The washing machine has plenty of advanced features, which allows users to enjoy the product for a long time. The 3d Wash system and Aqua Spa therapy in the machine pamper your cloths easily with effective wash system. The Auto softener dispenser is a small compartment, which allows users to add softners before washing clothes.

Specs of IFB 6.5 KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Capacity6.50 Kilograms
Water Consumption104 Liters
Maximum Rotational Speed720 RPM
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Part Number8.90329E+12
Form FactorTop-Loading
Control ConsoleFully Automatic
Voltage240 Volts
Wattage360 Watts

Samsung 6 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA60M4300HD/TL, Imperial Silver)

Washing performance is the primary aspect considered while using washing machine. Samsung is one of the best brands in the market, which uses advanced technology to improve the washing activity easily. The Samsung 6 Kg fully Automatic washing machine features with exceptional eco tub clean technology, which reduces the work of cleaning the tub on a regular basis.

Wobble technology in the machine is appreciated highly in the market because it takes gentle care of cloths while washing. The dynamic and multi-directional washing flow allows users to remove tough stains without affecting the fabric from time to time.

Specs of Samsung 6 KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Capacity6 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed800 RPM
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorTop-Loading
ColourImperial Silver
Control ConsoleFully Automatic
Voltage220 Volts
Wattage330 Watts

LG 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T7281NDDLG/ T7288NDDLG/GD, Middle Free Silver)

LG focusses on durability compared to other brands in the market because of various reasons. Most of the Indian users prefer using a quality products, which lasts for a long time to avoid replacing consistently. The full Automatic LG Washing Machine comes with corrosion resistance feature, which helps motor to have a long life.

It is important to have enough features to enjoy the performance of the product for a long time. LG 6.2 KG washing machine does powerful washing because the product comes with a turbo drum. Punch +3 is an advanced technology attracting a lot of regular users because it fights tough stains successfully.

Specs of LG 6.2 KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Capacity6.20 Kilograms
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorTop-Loading
ColourMiddle Free Silver
Control ConsoleFully Automatic
Voltage220 Volts

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN, White)

Bosch is a new player in the Indian market, but has a huge reputation in European countries. The brand is offering limited number of models because it helps them to understand the market in an easy way. The 6.5 KG washing machine has an effective price tag, which attracts Indian users to buy happily.

The brand offers intelligent WaveDrum movement, which enhances the washing experience and reduce the power consumption. The washing is highly effective in terms of removing stains because of dynamic waterflow system presence. The machine is built with a powerful motor, which lasts for a long time despite using for heavy load activities.

Specs of Bosch 6.5 KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Capacity6.50 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed680 RPM
Noise Level Washing65 dB
Noise Level Spinning75 dB
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorTop-Loading
Control ConsoleFully Automatic
Voltage230 Volts
Wattage360 Watts

Mitashi 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (MiFAWM75v20, Grey)

Mitashi is an underrated brand for a long time in the department of washing machines because of various reasons. The brand offers some of the best features, which are not available in other machines. Mitashi provides a massive 7.5 KG washing machine at reasonable costs because it helps them attract more customers.

The intelligent Hall sensor lets you have a hassle free wash because it evaluates the load before starting washing activity. The magic lint filters is an important spare because it helps in removing exerternal residue from the laundry tub.

Specs of Mitashi 7.5 KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Capacity7.50 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed600 RPM
Noise Level Washing62 dB
Noise Level Spinning72 dB
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorTop-Loading
Control ConsoleFully Automatic
Voltage240 Volts
Wattage300 Watts

Haier 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM75-707NZP, Silver Grey)

Haier is a new brand in the Indian market and it is worth exploring the product because of various reasons. As the brand is pretty new, they offer advanced options to use without compromising on the price tag. Haier washing machine is pretty expensive for a top loading washing machine, but has a large drum capacity with extensive technology features.

The LED control panel of the product is highly effective, which gives enough information to access advanced features. The activity is controlled based on the fabric easily because of 8 wash programs to utilize from time to time.

Specs of Haier 7.5 KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Capacity7.5 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorTop-Loading
ColourSilver Grey
Control ConsoleFully Automatic

Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Whitemagic Premier 702SD, Grey)

The elegant machine is the best option for small family because of the price tag and sufficient number of features. Whirlpool is a reputed brand in the Indian market, which is producing quality kitchen appliances for a long time. It is necessary for users to evaluate the necessity because it helps in finding the right product at reasonable costs.

Whirlpool 7 KG Fully-automatic washing machine comes with 3D scrub pads because it helps in removing dirt after washing. The express wash has attracted a lot of people because It is important to save electricity while using washing machine.

Specs of Whirlpool 7 KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Capacity7 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed740 RPM
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Part NumberWM PREMIER 702SD
Form FactorTop-Loading
Control ConsoleFully Automatic
Access LocationTop-load
Wattage350 Watts
Door OrientationTop-loading

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Choosing a washing machine involves a lot more than simply picking out a pretty colour.

  • Technical Elements
  • Logical Elements
  • Energy Efficient Washing machines
  • Different types of washing machines
  • Right Technology
  • Space options
  • Brand options
  • Warranty Information

Technical questions to ask yourself

What size drum do you need, what sort of difference do the different spin speeds make, how much weight can you put in the machine? How many wash/spin combinations do you really need? There are many variables to consult when buying a washing machine. How many people will use the machine, how often will it be used, what sort of things will be washed in it? All of those are important things to think about when buying a washing machine.

Logical Questions to ask yourself

There are many types of washing machines, each seems to have their own advantages. Would you prefer a top load or front load washer, what are the difference between front load and top load washing machines ? Advantages and disadvantages of each? How would you like to be able to control and monitor your washing machine from your computer? Do you prefer rotary dials or electronic controls? How do you know what you should choose? Which type of machine will leave clothes cleanest? Which machine will last longer? Are some machines easier to find technical assistance for than others? Which brands should you stay away from? Where can you get the best washing machine deals?

samsung front load washing machine

Why choose Energy Efficient Washing Machines

Energy efficient washing machines will save electricity and therefore money on utility bills. Through different designs and features, an energy saving machine can save up to 50% of the energy a conventional machine uses. Front load machines have been known to be more cost efficient than top load machines. Find out what the best cost/benefit washing machine for you is.

Choosing from different types of Washing Machines

There are a large variety of washing machines available on the market to choose from. There are a number of considerations involved in picking the right machine for your home. For instance, how often will the machine be used? An expensive washing machine built for heavy and regular users might not be what you need if you are single, live alone, and will only wash about one load per week.

A washing machine with buttons all over the front may not be suitable if you have small children who will have easy access to the machine. If you are going to use the machine regularly, you may wish to add energy efficiency to the equation, machines with advanced energy-saving features can run at considerably lower costs than their higher consuming counterparts.

Use the right Technology

A washing machine with hundreds of computer-controlled features may require you read a bible of instructions before being able to use them. If you only intend to use the main wash – rinse – spin cycle, don’t bother getting one with all those fancy knobs.

Top load washing machines tend to have larger drums and can wash more clothes at a time. They generally have faster wash cycles.

Front loaders tend to be more energy efficient and are more practical if space is a problem. An integrated machine can save even more space and fit neatly into a niche.

A washer/dryer combo is another practical solution but remember, it can either wash or dry, not do both at the same time.

Space options

Another consideration is where you will put the machine, depending on the amount of space you have available, dimensions may play a major role in the model you choose.

Choosing the Right Brand

Naturally, it may be a little overwhelming when you look at a list of all the washing machine manufacturers and need to pick one out, but there are several ways to single out the machine that will be best for your home.

Consult friends and relatives, find out what brands they use and see what they have to say about them. Ask them about maintenance and repairs, local dealers and technical assistance in both new and used washing machines. Getting their opinions may help you avoid machines that you won’t be able to find serviceable parts for in your town. If a machine works well for them, it will probably work well for you.

Do not rely solely on advice from sales clerks. Sales clerks typically recommend you buy things that they are trying to get off their hands or that might grant them a larger commission.

Warranty Information

Check out the warranties on machines in local stores. Find out which brands offer longer warranties and what types of damages are covered.

Decide exactly what it is you need in a machine before buying one. Once you have decided on the features you want, shop around, and compare prices and brands on machines offering the characteristics you desire. By deciding what is important to you beforehand, you won’t be sidetracked by catchy but unimportant features and wind up with a machine you are not really interested in.

Washing Machine Features

All washing machines are made to wash clothes. But different features set them apart. Washing machines can be divided into two categories, front loaders and top loaders. As the names imply, the front loaders have a door on the front and a drum mounted horizontally, whereas top loaders have a lid on top of the machine and a drum mounted vertically.

  • Front Loading Washing Machine Features
  • Wash Cycles
  • Capacities
  • Wash Programs
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Spin Efficiency
  • Smart Machines
best fully automatic washing machine india

Top loading washing machine features

Top loaders are generally cheaper than front loaders and there is a wider variety of them available. Some advantages of a top loader are that it is possible to throw in last minute clothes after the wash cycle has already started, and they usually wash clothes faster.

Front loading Washing machine Features

Advantages of front loaders are that they tend to go easier on clothes than a top loader and they are generally more energy efficient. Another advantage is that, because the door opens frontward the machine can be placed in a slot in a custom made a closet or a dryer or cupboard can be stacked on top or above it; a definite plus if space is an issue.

Wash Cycles

All washing machines have several wash cycles to choose from, and through the normal cycle for a top loader is usually faster than that of a front loader, most front loaders also have a fast wash cycle option.
Washing machine spin speeds vary; they are faster for cotton clothes and slower for synthetics and delicates. Logically, the faster the spin speed, the more water drains from the clothing, and the drier the clothes come out of the machine. Machines that can wash greater capacities tend to have higher spin speeds.


Washing machine capacities vary both in the top and front loaders. A 6 kg capacity is about right for an average family load.

Wash Programs

Most machines have a variety of pre-set wash programs and wash actions, customized for a variety of materials (such as cotton, permanent press or delicate fabrics) and load sizes. Some models have button controlled digital settings, others have dials. Most washing machine models come with at least three sets of wash settings and water levels: low, medium, and full.

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Energy Efficient Washing Machines

One important consideration when choosing a washing machine is energy and water consumption. An energy efficient washing machine not only helps preserve the environment but also reduces operational costs and helps save money. An energy efficient washing machine may require a more expensive initial investment, but it is cheaper in the long run.

A wide range of energy efficient washing machines is now available. All washing machines have energy efficiency and performance grades ranging from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient. Washing machines are graded using standardised tests; manufacturers are responsible for testing and labelling their own machines.

Spin Efficiency

Washing performance and spin efficiency provide a basis for the test. The more expensive machines are generally graded higher as they tend to include a number of efficiencies improving features; for example, electronic control systems that help reduce electricity and water use. Front load machines tend to be more efficient due to the fact that in top load machines, clothes need to be entirely submerged in the water; whereas front loaders can perform only half-full of water.

Smart machines

Many washing machines now incorporate fuzzy logic mechanisms. Washing machines with Fuzzy Logic (or “smart machines”) use advanced control systems to detect conditions during the wash and make adjustments for optimum performance, automatically setting the wash cycle to use minimum amounts of energy and water. Machines with Fuzzy Logic generally earn a higher energy efficiency grade.

best washing machine under 25000

How to read Washing Machine Reviews

Washing machine reviews are the first step towards making a washing machine purchase. It is with the help of washing machine reviews that one gets an idea about what kind of washing machine to purchase, where to purchase from, at what price to purchase it, etc.

Washing machines are not bought on a high-frequency basis. As they are high price items, their purchases are limited and spaced out. As a result, it is essential that one undertakes thorough market research in terms of reviews and user opinion before choosing or shortlisting one.

How to find Genuine washing machine reviews

A lot many times, the machine reviews are designed with vested interests and so fail to give an unbiased opinion. It is thus imperative to know what are the right sources that can offer the most reliable washing machine reviews.

Some of the review sources are listed below, for the benefit of those who are first time buyers, and also others, in order to help them make informed choices and right decisions.


It is important to find the product, which is very easy to use. There is a wide range of options, which lets users to get attracted in a quick time. It is widely suggested for people to understand different elements of the washing machine because it helps them to buy easily.

The above list of tips and features gives you a vast amount of idea about washing machines, which play a vital role for users while buying. Check out some of the top 10 washing machines under 20000, which offers quality performance for a long time.

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