Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying Used Washing Machines

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Used Washing Machines

If you are thinking of buying a used washing machine, you may like to consider some of the options listed below.

Buying a second hand one without first doing a bit of research could be a costly mistake. You could end up paying for a machine that doesn’t work well. If at all, or you may buy a machine that could be impossible to repair due to a lack of spare parts.

Many people are more than happy to purchase second-hand washing machines because it saves money. Many successfully use them in their homes for years because of effective research.

Unfortunately, there are also those who end up buying ones that should have been thrown on the scrap heap or broken down because of spares. if you would like to avoid this, please take a look at the options below.

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Second Hand Washing Machines

1. Find Out Why The Machine Is Being Sold

One of the best things you can do when you’re about to buy a second-hand washing machine is to find out why it’s being sold:

Is it Broken/damaged?

If it is broken or damaged in any way, is it fixable? Can you afford to fix it? Can you do the work yourself?

Do the previous owners simply have a newer model?

A lot of the time people sell their old machine on to someone else because they have a newer model and want to get rid of it.

2. Can You Get Spare Parts of the used washing machine?

Are you able to get spare parts for the machine you’re about to buy? It’s worth your while having a look online to see if you can because this could make or break the sale. If you’re about to buy a particularly old used machine, it’s definitely worth your while checking online. It helps in seeing if you can buy spare parts from somewhere.

No matter what the age of the machine is, it’s always worth checking to see if you can get spare parts. It is necessary because you know you can replace in case something goes wrong. If you wait too late to find out there are no parts available or they simply aren’t made any more you could have wasted your money.

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3. Does It leak?

Does the machine you’re about to buy leak? If it does, you may have to be prepared to mop up a bit of water. Make sure the pipes are in good working order, that they’ll fit into your outlet pipes OK and the current owner has not had to run around with a mop and bucket every time they do a load. 

Although you may have already asked if the machine is broken, it’s worth asking if it leaks as you could have a major problem on your hands if it does.

You also want to check that the door shuts and is sealed properly; if there are problems with the seal you might want to think about looking elsewhere.

4. How Much More For A New Machine?

Do a bit of research on the model you’re about to buy; how much is it brand new? If it is cheap enough, it might be worth your while hanging on until you can afford it. 

This is not to say that some second hand washing machines are not in great condition, but they may not be covered by a warranty or a guarantee. It also makes sense for you to get value for money, so if you can afford to pay another few thousands for the best Front load washing machine. It is essential that you should think about doing just that.

5. Does The Used Washing Machine Work?

This may seem like a rather odd question, but how do you know the machine works? The individual selling it to you may tell you that it works, but have you seen it in action? You need to be careful when you’re spending a lot of money on a used appliance you’re going to rely on, so you might want to ask about seeing it in action. If you’re not sure about it, always say ‘No’.

6. Your Money Back?

If it turns out your the second-hand washer doesn’t work, will you get your money back? If you’re thinking about buying a machine that’s ‘Sold as seen’, chances are you won’t get your money back if there’s a problem with it.

Private sellers are usually honest and happy to help you with your questions and queries, but there are also those who aren’t If you’re buying on-line make sure the product description mentions that it works.

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7. Is There A Valid Warranty Or Guarantee?

Some come with a warranty or guarantee, the ones that do are usually no more than 2 years old. If you’re looking to buy a second hand/used washer, it’s unlikely they will come with a warranty or a guarantee unless you’re buying it from a specialist retailer. It’s always worth your while asking if the machine comes with a warranty or a guarantee, because you could be getting good value for money if you do.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get their appliances covered, see if there are any policies out there that cover used machines.

8. Who Are You Buying The Machine From?

You may want to think about who you’re about to buy the washing machine from; is it a reputable seller or someone selling out the back of a shop? One of the best ways for you to ensure you’re getting a good deal is to buy from someone you can trust.

It is essential to consider if you’re offered a great deal for the best washing machines. If its supposed to be one of the good product around. but somehow you can pay a lot less than the regular price for it. You might want to find out why you’re being offered a very low price.

9. Will It Do Everything You Need?

Will this lovely new-to-you appliance do everything you need? Does it have a wide range of programmes so you can wash your laundry with ease? the actual difference between front load and top load washing machines?

  • If you have a lot of woollen clothes, you may want a washer that has a wool cycle.
  • If you have a lot of clothes that are hand wash only, does the machine have that option available?
  • Does it have a hot wash option?
  • Can you adjust the spin speed and the temperature?
  • Is there a child/safety lock?
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10. How Big Is The Machine?

You need to be sure you have enough room in your kitchen or utility room for it. It’s worth your while measuring the gap in your kitchen where the machine is likely to live, this way you will be able to choose your new-to-you washer wisely.

If and when you go and have a look at a washing machine, you may want to take a tape measure with you in case the current owner cannot tell you how big the machine is.


Before you decide to part with your hard-earned cash, make sure you consider all the above options. If you do, you’re more than likely to end up getting a good brand washing machine that works well for the money. Make sure you take your time

when you’re shopping for one of these appliances as a quick decision could be the one you regret later. Do your research, work out what you want, and you’ll soon have one you can be proud of.

Remember there are always both front and top load washing machines sold online and elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to turn one or two down before you find the right one for you.

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