Difference Between Microwave and Oven | Which is Better?

Difference Between Microwave and Oven | Which is Better?

There is a huge difference between microwave and oven. It is not challenging to understand the between microwave and convection oven but helps you in using the right product. The oven is found using a long ago and has evolved to a great extent.

The convenience of the oven is rated high because it functions in a quick span of time. Most of you have an oven at home, which is used to heat the products on a regular basis. Have you ever thought the functionality to understand the actual feature of the gadget?

A lot of people have a question, what is the difference between oven and microwave? we have an answer right below keeping various parameters in mind. Also know the difference between OTG and microwave oven while buying to pick the right product and enjoy for a long time.

microwave and oven
what is the difference between oven and microwave

What is the difference between microwave and oven?

Runs onNatural gas, electricity, charcoal, woodElectricity, electromagnetic waves
PriceThe price depends on the equipment. It requires a lot of space and accessories to function effectivelyprice varies based on the gadget and oven manufacturer. No extra set up charges and saves time and money
EconomicalTraditional ovens generate heat with the help of various natural gas and economical factor depends on the resource availabilityMicrowave is economical compared to the traditional oven because it offers convenient source to function effectively

Technical Difference

HeatingHeating is slow in most of the products. The heating speed is highly dependent on the gas used in the product The heating process is fast and gives better control for the user
Cooking TimeCooking time is more in conventional ovens because there would be consistent amount of heat produced all the timeMicrowave ovens offer good control to decrease the cooking time easily


BurnersThe microwave functions with the help of wood, charcoal, coils and so onBurners are necessary to convert electrical energy to generate electromagnetic waves
Heat distributionThe natural gas ovens distribute heat unevenly, which takes longer time to finish the task successfullythe modern day ovens are equipped to distribute the heat evenly to all the parts. It helps the food items to heat perfectly in a short span of time
Temperature ManagementTemperature is managed with the help of natural gas availabilityTemperature is controlled with the help of options and lets user to save energy and time in an easy way

General Difference

BenefitsHealthy option and provides an easy way to save ample amount of money. The modern day microwave ovens offers convenient ways of using LPG and other materials to generate heat quicklythe latest technology ovens are known to cost cheaper compared to the other option. It consumes less space in the room and functions with the help of electricity. Convenience is the primary benefit in this kind of oven
LimitationsThe traditional equipment is slow in functionality. As it offers less control over the heat, it is evident that people end up spending more time to cook food from time to timeMicrowave oven in the modern generation produces heat with the help of electromagnetic waves. The waves are known to burn all the nutrients available in the food.

Microwave vs Oven Video

What is Microwave?

Here is answer to your questions, which is better microwave or oven? The Microwave is referred to equipment, which heats the food products with the help of natural gas. The Microwave dates back few centuries and used to cook various eatables from time to time. 

It is a known fact that microwave is referred to an insulated chamber with a sufficient amount of space to heat the food items. The additional space is allotted to insert natural gas products to generate enough heat in a quick span of time. 

The pivotal difference between oven and microwave is the process of cooking. The process contains a natural way of heating and offers more benefits compared to the modern equipment. As the food heats up with the help of natural gas, it is healthier for people to consume on a regular basis.

difference between oven and microwave

What is the Oven?

The Oven is the result of modern technology. Hence, it is essential to know the microwave and oven difference.

The heating process works with the help of electromagnetic waves generated artificially with the help of electricity. The process consumes less amount of time compared to the traditional oven but lacks in providing healthy food. The difference between convection and OTG  tells you the importance of the process.

As the heat is generated artificially, it is evident that the user has better options to control the feature. Most of the people would prefer to use oven manufactured by a reputed producer in the market because they offer various feature to utilize it to the maximum extent.

The advanced microwave Oven provides an easy way for people to cook different kinds of food in a quick time. There are different varieties of ovens on the market and it is important to pick the right equipment to use it for a long span of time.

Which is better? Microwave or oven

The decision varies depending on the necessity and convenience. The microwave is considered the best option for people, who has a sufficient amount of space to use it on a regular basis. Check the difference between solo and convection microwave oven to know more about advanced products in the market.

The actual oven and microwave difference is the gas used while cooking. Hence, Some of the microwave oven types use natural gas elements to heat the food and it is obvious that hygienic factors will remain intact while consuming the food.

On the other hand, best microwave ovens radio-frequency energy to produce artificial heat. The heat is not considered as a healthy option for most of the individuals. It is important for people to reduce the usage of modern day ovens in order to enjoy the nutrients for a long span of time.

The microwave is the best option because it uses natural gas to heat the product

difference between solo and convection microwave oven


The microwave is traditional equipment or a process, which is used to heat food with the help of charcoal, wood and other natural resources. Check out some of the top 10 microwave oven brands in India to figure out the perfect choice easily.

The oven uses artificial heat generated with the help of electromagnetic waves to heat the food. The controls are better in the modern equipment but lacks nutrient value.

It is highly recommended for people to choose the traditional gadget to enjoy nutrients and the original taste of the food in an effective way.

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