FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every content or information found on the website is genuine and accurate to the maximum extent because most of the information is borrowed from some of the reputed and top news websites across the world.

The source info would usually be provided based on the slot or availability. Kindly email us or comment us to know the information source.

Most of the images are being borrowed by other websites, and they are subject to the concern. Some of the pictures are being bought or acquired with copyrights from the owner with the licence.

No, the content and the images are strictly restricted from copying either to post to other blogs or to publish offline. As the contents are written explicitly keeping SEO parameters, we hold the copyright of the content, topic title, and images all the time.

No, there will not be any sensitive information of yours would be shared to us. Every subscription will be hidden, and we take no interest in peeking to the data.