How Refrigerator Works?

How Refrigerator Works?

The refrigerator is one of the common devices used in both commercial and residential locations because of various reasons. If you are looking for an answer for How refrigerator works? read through to find information with images and data.

The artificial cooling helps people to store food items for a long time. The refrigerator is highly used in order to reduce or slow down the bacteria growth on food products regularly. Check out some of the top 10 Single door refrigerators priced below 10000/- in the market.

Some of the top 10 refrigerators in India use advanced technology spare parts and follows the same process. The main purpose of the refrigerator is to enjoy cool and bacteria free products on a regular basis.

Who invented the refrigerator?

It was William Cullen, who invented the refrigerator in 1748. It was later brought to the market with the help of a design made by Oliver Evans. The refrigerator has evolved to a great extent and knowing some of the basic principles allows people to explore from time to time.

who invented the refrigerator

What is a refrigerator?

The refrigerator is used to store different kinds of food items in an extremely cool place because it preserves the freshness based on the necessity.

It is important for people to save food items from spoiling with the help of various sources. The modern technology refrigerators provide an easy option for people to store with and without moisture to increase the performance from time to time.

The principle of refrigeration is simple, which is easily understandable by any individual with common sense. Every Refrigerator brand in the world follows the same concept to enhance the performance at low costs.

How Refrigerator Works?

There are various ways to explain the process for How does the refrigerator work? it is important for people to know the thumb rule, which helps in better understanding the process.

how refrigerator works

The below steps explains the refrigerator working principle in simple terms

  • If two different temperature things meet, the hot things get colder and the cold things get hotter. The machine functions using the law of thermodynamics in an indirect way.
  • The coolant used in the refrigerator is liquid. The liquid coolant goes through the expansion valve.
  • The drop in pressure makes the coolant turn into gas before expanding and cooling down.
  • As the gas coolant travels through the chiller cabinet in the refrigerator, it results in heat absorption of food products.
  • The coolant is squeezed by the compressor, which results in temperature and pressure rise.
  • As the process is going on, the gas turns hot because of the cool surface.
  • The coolant travels through radiator pipes to the rear part of the refrigerator to release the heat.
  • As the heat releases, the coolant turns back to liquid state.
  • The liquid state coolant travels with the help of insulated cabinet to repeat the process all over again.

Different parts of refrigerators

The important spare parts in the machine help you find the answer for How does the refrigerator work in general. Try to check by looking at the image to understand better.

  • Expansion Valve
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator
  • Condensor
  • Refrigerant

Expansion valve

The expansion valve is one of the common parts, which is known to take a quicker replacement regularly. The valve is highly known as flow control device because it helps in a smooth flow of liquid refrigerant. A sensitive part and takes hit soon because of refrigerant temperature variations.


The compressor is connected to the evaporator from the refrigerant. The motor is usually configured in the refrigerant because it makes the hot gas. The refrigerant compresses it to generate the high-pressure gas with the help of evaporator.

refrigerator working principle


The evaporator is the important part, which plays a vital role to keep food items in a cool state. The part contains finned tubes because it increases the heat transfer with the help of metals with high thermal conductivity.

The evaporator sucks a maximum amount of heat from inside to keep the food items fresh and helps the liquid to turn vapour in the refrigerant.


The condenser is easily spotted in most of the refrigerators towards the rear side. The external fin tubes in a coiled set help the coolant to release heat because it spreads outside easily.

The condenser is configured with a set of coiled tubes because it eliminates heat from the system effectively. Once the heat is removed from the refrigerator, the vapour turns liquid to start the process all over again.

principle of refrigeration


The refrigerant is a liquid and used to keep the food items cool in an effective way. The liquid solution has the capability to turn from gas to liquid and vice versa.

There are different kinds of liquid solutions used based on the requirement. The modern-day refrigerants are eco-friendly because it plays a crucial role to enjoy healthy air in the room.

types of refrigerant

Which gas is used in a refrigerator?

In simple terms, the gas used in a refrigerator is Ammonia because it lets to cool water. To know in detail, the coolant requires a special chemical to switch from hot gas to cool liquid and the other way around in a quick span of time.

There are various blends made from carbon dioxide and ammonia, which are used depending on the requirement.

Some of the common refrigerant gases are

  • chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)
  • hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)
  • hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)
  • perfluorocarbon (PFC)

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