Top 10 Best AC Brands in India | Features and Prices

Top 10 Best AC Brands in India | Features and Prices

AC is not a part of every home in India because of various reasons. The modern generation ACs are available at low costs without compromising on the quality. Check out the top 10 AC brands in India, which helps you buy at affordable costs with essential features.

Most of the people prefer using any of the top 10 AC, which helps in saving energy on a regular basis. It is important to check out features in ACs because it helps in finding the right product easily.

Top 10 AC Brands in India with Prices

Sl NoBrandStarting PriceTo Buy
1HaierStarts from Rs. 33000Click Here 
2HitachiStarts from Rs. 30999Click Here 
3DaikinStarts from Rs. 28700Click Here 
4LGStarts from Rs. 34735Click Here 
5LloydStarts from Rs. 29400Click Here 
6BluestarStarts from Rs. 29040Click Here 
7GodrejStarts from Rs. 27490Click Here 
8Samsung Starts from Rs. 31999Click Here 
9VoltasStarts from Rs. 27930Click Here 
10WhirlpoolStarts from Rs. 28990Click Here

Top 10 AC Brands in India with Features


The Haier is well known for the high-quality reliable air conditioners. Most of the models are favoured by people wanting a quiet, efficient AC to assist them in dealing with the heat.

The best air conditioners brands have been in condition for quite a number of years and there are quite a few of their first air conditioners still in excellent working order.

Haier produces one of the best types of ACs, having worked with the energy star program. The energy star program helps to save money and work for years after it was bought by the consumer.

Haier is one of the Best AC In India, which is found attractive in many different areas and conditions. They are even used on offshore oil rigs and with industrial and high technically demanding places and various military bases in desert areas across the globe.


Quiet Performance

The nicest features of the Haier ACs are the programmable quiet system that handles the selection and flow of air into your home to cool it. This program comes with manual controls and is applicable for either commercial or home use.

It features the Comfort watch type of technology to adjust the cooling according to how the temperature is outside.

Easy to Install

The Haier AC is installable in either the window or through the wall, whichever is more convenient for the homeowner. It comes with the heavy duty side boards manufactured from Masonite for stability and a strong heavy duty installation hardware that is easy to install and work with.

The Haier air conditioners come with features that make them easy to use. It has efficient features such as the entry guard protection that helps secure the main part of the conditioner to the sleeve.


The Hitachi is one of the top AC brands offers top of the range air conditioner latest Series. It comes with a programmable timer that automatically switches off at the pre-set time, making it so much easier to operate.

It works by a one-touch operation and may operate by remote. Most of the models are designed as a through-the-wall or window model and fits adequately in a hole. The models are made with a slide-out chassis, which allows for easy installation.


Less Electricity Consumption

The Hitachi models utilize enough volts and give quality cooling features. It has a cooling capacity of between 15 000 and 23 500 BTU/h and is capable of removing 7 pints of moisture her hour.

The average room air circulation averages at 200 CFM, which is optimal. The estimated overall electricity use per year is estimated at 1 859.25 kWh, but this varies with usage and utility rates. Overall, however, the Hitachi models have an energy efficiency rating of 9.5, making it among the more energy efficient air conditioners in the market.

Design and Style

Notable features in the ACs include an 8-way air flow control which ensures efficient movement of air in and out of the cooler. There are fresh air and stale air exhaust vents which hasten the movement of air in and out of the air conditioner.

The vents are installed in a definitive way to ensure that there is no mix up of fresh and stale air. It comes with an antimicrobial filter that is washable. This protects it against bacterial and fungal growth, thus making the models a high performance and durable product.

A check filter lighter flashes when the filter needs changing, making it easy for you to know when to change the filter.


Daikin is one of the oldest best ac brand in india available in the market. It produces models, which has four fan speeds meaning you can enjoy four different levels of cooling speeds. A Smart Fan is used to adjust your fan so that it revolves at a constant desired temperature.

Another notable characteristic of the Daikin AC is its zero noise operation. It emits no noise when turned on so you can enjoy cooling temperatures in the quietest atmosphere.

The Daikin AC has electric controls and you can set the auto restart or sleep mode on. In the event of power interruption, the Daikin products will resume operation on the preset settings. This is because it has an auto memory backup which saves settings as they are.


Stylish Design and Durability

The Daikin ACs have an ultra-modern design, enhanced with a unique Comfortwatch technology. It blends in well with the rest of the room upon installation and does not occupy a lot of space either because it largely extends to the outside.

The minimum extension into the room is 3 1/16′. You can trust products to serve you for years, thanks to the high-grade components and materials used in its manufacture.

Effective control

We found that AC models maintain an even room temperature through innovative technology that can accurately predict fluctuations in room temperature. The Daikin Models features a quiet operation so that no matter if it is heating or cooling there is no distracting noise.

The Daikin units are built with three speeds for heating and cooling. There is also a setting just for the fan to provide the option of an exhaust function. This will move the air in the room without having to use either heat or cooling.


Units along with an air purifier by LG makes the indoor air safe for those who suffer from allergies. For those that are plagued with allergies, the easily removable filter with an antimicrobial treatment protects against fungal spores and bacterial growth. 

Other elements in best air conditioner brand in India incorporate eight-way air flow control, excellent high energy effectiveness for minimal operating costs, and the unit is built with a slide-out chassis. The reputation of the company should be recommendation enough for this unit.

Their units are used in areas where harsh temperatures, both hot and cold require either a heater or cooler. The LG units is the perfect unit for those who do not have very much space. This unit combines functionality and at the same cost. We were really glad that we bought this unit for our college student.


Built Quality

The sturdy construction of this unit was another factor that was important. We wanted this unit to be able to perform when it was needed at the temperature required to keep the room comfortable. The thermostat sensors keep the room comfortable while saving energy.

When the weather cooled off and the air conditioner was no longer needed, there were several fellows that dropped by because they had purchased an air conditioner to cool while the weather was hot. But, what they failed to realize was that they were going to spend ninety per cent of the school year searching our sources of heat.

Handles Extreme Hot temperatures

If you live in a region that has a history of hot climates and heat waves, then you have faced the discomfort that can only be gotten rid of through artificial devices. Once such a realization dawns, you have probably recognized and faced up to the fact that you are in need of an air conditioner that can provide you with a comfortable climate to live in.

Furthermore, if you have been looking for a room air conditioner then you may have come across the LG and wondered whether it is worth buying.


The first property of any top ac brands in India is that you need to analyze is its energy efficiency and whether it has appropriate certifications to back its claims. The Lloyd models carries the symbol of Energy Star as it confirms to the standards that the organization sets.

Lloyd air conditioner is ideal for a room falling within the dimensions of 250 and 1,500 square feet. One of the properties of the Lloyd ACs that almost all consumers appreciate is its ‘Comfort Watch’ technology.


Temperature Fluctuation technology

The purpose of this technology is to monitor the temperature fluctuations in the room and make suitable corrections.

This allows this air conditioner to maintain even temperatures all across the room, unlike many air conditioners which let the temperatures vary on the basis of distance from the device.

Pests and mosquitoes are also a problem that the AC gets rid of by incorporating a highly effective mosquito trap. In addition to this, the antimicrobial filter of the air conditioner is much easier to clean when compared against other products falling under the same segment.

Advanced technology features

This widely respected air conditioner comes equipped with remote control and a 24 hour on and off timer. The timer helps the user to plan automatic usage of the air conditioner while also allowing him to back up the settings against the threat of power outages.

An 8-way air flow control and ventilation valves allow products to keep the room fresh by way of consistent fresh air intake and stale air exhaust. 

Finally, this extremely established air conditioner brand offers products, which are a handy purchase. ACs come accompanied with a reasonable warranty that will ensure that your air conditioner works well.

Blue Star

Blue Star is one of the leaders amongst the many other air conditioners that fall under the same segment. Even though the price of the air conditioner is pegged reasonably, a diligent end user can products at affordable costs.

In order to do this, you need to remain patient and go through multiple sellers until you find a quality seller. A Quality retailer selling products with a discount making its final value much less than the official price. All in all, this air conditioner should be able to fulfil all your cooling needs and also prove to be money well spent.


Cost Effective

The Blue Star air conditioners are a mid priced single room commercial grade air conditioner that is priced mid ranged. It is a through the wall air conditioner designed to mount flush with the exterior wall.

The AC Model also has an easy to clean the filter and looks good in any room in which it is installed.

Advanced Features

The Blue star ACs are loaded with features. It has a programmable 24-hour timer with remote and on/off times, a solid side chassis which allows it to be installed in thicker walls than most standard air conditioners.

A special money saver feature which allows the fan to turn on and off with the compressor rather than running continuously. The fan is also a smart fan that automatically adjusts its speed to keep the room at a constant temperature.


Taking a look at Godrej AC Reviews indicates that this air conditioner brand may not have been a big seller. However, approximately 2/3 of the people who purchased this air conditioner and reviewed it found it to be a good if not an excellent air conditioner and well worth the money.

While not every Godrej review was positive the majority of them were overwhelmingly so. Since there were a limited number of reviews for this product it is difficult to know if the negative reviewers simply got a lemon as often happens even with the best of products.

Or if the problems they experienced with their air conditioners suggests a real problem. Overall, this air conditioner seems to be an average to better than average air conditioner for its price and may well be worth purchasing.



These reviewers had many praises about this air conditioner and most of the positive comments cited that this air conditioner was easy to install.

That it ran very quietly allowing them to get a good night’s sleep and dispersed air evenly throughout the room. Several reviewers also stated that they had owned Godrej air conditioners before.

Advanced Features

The manufacturer of some of the efficient and the best ACs has patented a lot of features that allow you to program when the air conditioner starts. It depends as well as how long it lasts before cycling to a power saving setting for example.

The Godrej ACs are set to be programmed and set using the remote control which has as one of the great features is that you can program cooling for up to twenty-four hours in advance.

The technology also includes the ability for the air conditioner to sense and anticipate room temperature changes. It helps to use that knowledge to keep the room at a comfortable temperature for you and your family.


The Samsung AC models have one-touch easy control cooling. The money-saving setting turns the fan on and off when the compressor turns off or on, making it more efficient and energy saving.

Therefore costing less to operate during the summer. This model also offers an eight-way air flow control with a smart fan system to better control usage.


Energy Saving Feature

The EER is rated at 10 on most of the models because of the efficient air conditioner. It comes with installation hardware that includes masonite sideboards for stability and the adjustable power cord.

The cord can be either on the left or right side and a guarded entry system that secures the body of the air conditioner to the sleeve and into the window or wall opening. The fresh air intake and stale air exhaust is an added feature that is popular.

The ACs has a slide in and out chassis for easy installation. Most of the models are also a great size for most households.

Filtration Systems

Perhaps one of the most appreciated features of Samsung air conditioner has is the filtration system. The system offers an easy to clean filter that is specially treated to keep out microbes and bacteria as well as other irritants to the lungs and eyes.

This helps keep your home healthier and the air you are breathing does not have harmful contaminants that could make you sick. The mosquito trap keeps away those nasty little bugs also.


Voltas is one of the best air conditioners on the market because of the quality workmanship. It has a lot of audience because of its dependability. The company that has longevity in the business world as well as an excellent product to make the summertime a wonderful place to spend time in.

The quest to find an appropriate product can be an extremely complicated one, to say the least. This statement is relevant with respect to an electronic product such as an air conditioner because of the fact that most people do not understand the technicalities involved.



Resultantly, many people end up buying an air conditioner that leaves them pulling out their hair later through sheer frustration. In order to avoid just such a situation, the potential buyer should try to read as many reviews as is possible before purchasing any one product.

The question of climate change has become extremely crucial over the last few years and air conditioners have faced a lot of brunt for their emissions and lack of energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

The AC conforms to the standards of the famous Energy Star program. This means that products from Voltas hold the approval of the government for being highly environmentally conscious and energy efficient.

On top of this, this air conditioner also carries an energy efficiency rating of 10.8 EER. One of the endearing features of Voltas ACs is its sleep mode.

This mode allows even the lightest sleepers to have a sound and relaxing sleep without being bothered by the noise made by their air conditioner. This property is especially useful when it comes to senior citizens and their fitful sleep cycles.


The Whirlpool has a unique technology to save electricity or reduce power consumption. This technology is designed to keep the people in the room as comfortable as is logically possible by way of maintaining the temperature at the same level all through the room.

As is more than obvious, the brand is more than capable of fulfilling the cooling needs of the majority of the people in the country. The air conditioners has also been appreciated by the majority of experts and critics for its ability to cool. It cools a relatively large room in an unbelievably small amount of time.


Saves Electricity

Air Conditioners boasts a consistent minimal output every hour which allows it to be able to handle almost all types of heat conditions. Moreover, the minimalist cost makes the products a prime candidate for any potential consumer.

This technology allows products to monitor the fluctuations in temperatures of different parts of the room and make corrections as and when required.

Cover more Space

During the hot summer weather, an air conditioner can help cool your home making your living space a bit more comfortable.

The air conditioners that are designed to cool a room with 250 to 1500 square feet. It can be installed either in the wall or in the window with the power cord capable to suit interiors. It offers an option of going to either the left or right side to enhance the appearance.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

  • Electricity Saving Features
  • Cost of Air Conditioners
  • Air Flow Options
  • Convenience
  • Cooling Ability of the AC
  • Temperature Adjustment
  • Size and weight

top ac brands

Electricity Saving Features

Most of the companies have been heralded for making energy saving quality products that help protect the environment.

Air Conditioners needs to have a 24-hour timer that allows for setting them on/off easily. This is a great feature for people who work or will be gone for long hours during the day/night. It helps in saving money by not having an air conditioner constantly running. It helps in conserving result and makes you still want to come home to a cool house.

It also has a “smart fan” that adjusts the fan speed to maintain temperatures. This feature allows you to keep a steady constant temperature with the AC actually adjusting to temperature changes.

Check for Products that come with a dehumidifier plus a heater mode. Aside from the fan and air conditioner, this product is promising with the heater mode and dehumidifier, all in one product.

Cost of Air Conditioners

An air conditioner should look good to cool your home well at limited costs. While being a bit on the noisy side, Check for Air conditioners with nice energy saving features. It is always a good thing for the environment and your pocketbook. Some of the best air coolers under the budget of 10000 helps peeple to save money and enjoy better efficiency like Air Conditioners.

Best Air Coolers are cost efficient than Air conditioners, but offers low performance.

ac brands in india

Air Flow conditions

An 8-way airflow keeps the cool air from blowing out in a single stream but rather the air flows from different directions allowing it to cool a room more evenly. It also includes an easy to clean the filter, and comes with remote control.

People love the swing capacity that enables them to set it in a rotational mode to cool the entire room equally. Many people who bought quality ACs are also claiming that the drainage system works well for them.

Imagine, all you got to do is to put the hoses out of the window to exhaust warm air. Most people also report on the portability of the unit. It can be placed near the window to put out the hose. They also report on the easy to use remote that shows all functions of the unit.


Imagine during the hot summer months, you can choose as to what part of your home must remain cool. If you got kids who are highly-irritable with a warm temperature, you can rely on ACs. ACs helps you in place in any part of your home because of it cool in an easy way.

Check for a product that has the power to cool a 27.8 square meters master bedroom. A capability to cool even though it reaches up to 15 degrees in temperature drop during the hot summer days.

Compare to other portable air conditioners that are in the market. A better AC helps in creates a consistent amount of cold air. A quality AC is expensive and large than traditional window units, but it competes with them in the total cooling effort.

best ac brand

Cooling Ability of the AC

The most indispensable aspect in ACs is the portability and cooling ability. Every company keeps its promise to be one of the mightiest among air conditioning systems in the market today.

Check for products has lived up to its capability of having a total cooling for a 13.84 square meters area of a bedroom decreased to 70 degrees during hot summer nights and in scorching summer days.

When you set above 90 degrees, the machine should have the power to decrease in temperature of 15+ degrees once the sunshine is entirely kept out, leaving the equipment on high. It may not sound like a total drop, but it is the best that someone can expect from a movable unit.

One thing, Every consumer loves the 3-fan speeds feature. 3 Fan Speeds works on all of the adjustments to enhance convenience.

Temperature Adjustment

Many people are also noting the temperature adjustment from 61 to 95 that is a great benefit since another portable air conditioner just work until you are freezing. Even though it is not the quietest on earth, it is better than other units that produce noise like a refrigerator.

there are some customers who report on the little noise of the air conditioning system. Some of them also note that there must have been well-insulated hoses for a greater cooling capacity of the unit.

Size and weight

This lightweight, pocket-friendly and flexible air cooler can easily be rolled from one spot of your home to another; thus, it is also perfect for office use. Compare to electric fans that blow warm air during summer, this cooler blows cool air, enabling a perfect cooling system for any space.

Apart from that, check for products which can also work more efficiently than an AC, which consumes a lot of energy, by providing cool air without overspending.

On the other hand, you can use the product as a humidifier or a fan when the temperature is not a major concern. With the remote control that comes with the product, you can manage the settings, in any preference you want.

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