Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India | Types & Features

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India | Types & Features

There is a lot of competition in the residential or domestic chimney market. It is necessary for you as a customer to know the best brands in the market because of obvious reasons. We give you enough information to understand before buying any of the best kitchen chimney brands in India. 

There are both Foreign and Indian chimney top brands competing in the market because of demand. Check out kitchen chimney brands and price accordingly before buying down below. 

Top 10 kitchen chimney price list India

10 Best Chimney Brands 

Top 10 Chimney brands in India with Features


Bosch has limited products in the market, but have gained a lot of attention because of the quality. Every individual prefers using a reputed brand because it helps them enjoy various features. Bosch introduced chimneys across multiple price ranges with reasonable features to enjoy.

The suction power of products has attracted many people because it offers durability and consistency in performance. It has one of the most massive baffle filters in the product, allowing users to enjoy easy maintenance. Bosch offers the best set of baffle filter chimney in India.

Bosch is considered as one of the best chimney brand in world with quality features. The German design has added value to the product by saving space and by enhancing the elegance for kitchens. 

Features of Bosch Chimneys

  • Limited Products
  • Advanced technology
  • Expensive


Elica is one of the famous and best chimney brands in India because of both quality and durability. Every brand needs to focus well in all the sectors because it lets them attract customers in a quick time. Elica is present in different countries and known as one of the top chimney brands in world.

Elica is continuously working on manufacturing eco-friendly products to decrease polluting the environment. Elica auto clean chimney is one of the highest and best kitchen chimney in India with price at an affordable range.

The elegant finish of the products is one of the best features because it improves the kitchen appearance. It is essential to know and understand the features available in the chimney before using it from time to time. The easy to use interface of products allows users to enjoy the advanced features to the maximum extent.

Check out some of the 10 Best Elica kitchen chimneys in India along with features and Pricelist to decide.

Features of Elica Chimneys

  • Elegant Finish
  • Easy to Use interface
  • Powerful suction capacity


It is a known fact that there are a lot of brands producing chimneys with competitive features and prices. Hindware offers the best set of products in the market by giving chimneys with the right balance of options. Most of the chimneys come with futuristic possibilities to enhance the performance without compromising on the quality.

There is always a talk for Elica vs Hindware chimney in quality. But, in general, both are good in few things and the vice-versa. Hindware is one of the best air conditioner brand in India because of affordable price and advanced features. Check out some of the top 10 Hindware kitchen chimneys to find the best product for you.

The easy to use interface of chimneys have provided reasonable control for customers to use effectively. It is essential to have options handy in chimneys because it helps them to take maximum mileage of the product.

Features of Hindware chimneys

  • Easy to use interface
  • Low Noise
  • Quality finish


It is not recommended to have a chimney, which produces a lot of noise because of obvious reasons. The noise reduction features of Faber are introduced effectively to the market compared to other producers in the market. The powerful baffle filters enable users to enjoy using the product for a long time. 

Faber is one of the best brand for chimney because of heat auto clean technology. The Heat auto clean technology is efficient compared to regular auto clean technology because it uses hot gas to remove oily items from the hood daily.  

Check out top 10 best Faber Kitchen chimneys to have a better idea of both prices and performance.

Features of Faber Chimneys

  • Noise Reduction features
  • Powerful baffle filters
  • Heat Auto clean technology


Cost is a significant factor for every consumer because it helps them to save money without compromising on quality. Glen Auto Clean Chimney rates as one of India’s best chimney brands because of affordable and discounted rates all the time. 

Glen is one of the top chimney brands in India because of quality and performance.

Glen is one of the best chimney brands in India because they offer elegant products to suit every kitchen interior. The only brand in the market is offering a lifetime warranty for customers because it plays a vital role for Indian consumers to enjoy support for the rest of their life.

Features of Glen Chimneys

  • Elegant
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Best discounts in the market


The current discounts on both high-end and lower-end products have attracted a lot of people in the market because it helps them to enjoy the performance for an extended period.

Sunflame Kitchen Chimneys have a reputation as one of India’s best chimney brands because of its consistent quality. Every individual prefers using a branded chimney because of quality support and maintenance activities. 

Sunflame offers a powerful motor with durable spares because it enables users to use it for an extended period. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best chimney brand in India with essential features and options.

Features of Sunflame Chimneys

  • Available at an affordable price range
  • Durable spares
  • Powerful motor


Kaff chimneys have had an excellent reputation in the market for a long time now. Every kitchen chimney brand needs to concentrate on offering multiple options to attract consumers easily. Kaff has been producing quality products for a long time, and it is evident that they provide the right balance products.

The easy to use interface products enables consumers to enjoy better accessibility of the options. The auto clean chimneys from Faber provide a wide range of features, which helps users secure cleaning activities. Check out 10 best Kaff Kitchen Chimney in India before buying. 

Features of Kaff Chimneys

  • Easy to use interface
  • Advanced technology usage
  • Elegant Products


Prestige is one of the best chimney brands in India because they concentrate on durability factors. The quality of the brand has plenty of appreciation in the market because they offer advanced features at low costs. 

It is a known fact that some of the bottom models offer a wide range of features at affordable costs because it is necessary to build a quality customer base. Prestige is currently developing a customer base because it helps them increase sales in a quick period.

Features of Prestige Chimneys

  • Effective Auto clean functionalities
  • Powerful motor
  • Quality Baffle filters


Pigeon is a new brand in the market but offered more than a couple of products to choose from. Every individual prefers using a brand, which offers multiple features at reasonable costs. Pigeon is the best brand if you are looking forward to buying a reasonably priced product without affecting the performance.

Features of Pigeon Chimneys

  • Cost-effective
  • Quality spare parts
  • New brand in the market


A top brand with a lot of reputation in the market because of various products. IFB is a top-notch washing machine brand in the market because of its exclusive front-loading models. The chimney is different because it requires a lot of experience in offering budget-friendly products with essential features.

Features of IFB Chimneys

  • Cost-effective products
  • Effective customer support
  • Easy to use interface

Tips to consider while choosing the best chimney brands

Chimney brands are segregated based on reputation, price, and quality for a long time now. You need to check for a balanced product because it helps in using it for an extended period. Choosing the right product is comfortable in the current generation because there are more than a couple of brands.

  • Type of the chimney
  • Chimney Filters
  • Size Of Chimneys
  • Suction Power
  • Maintenance and cleaning

Different types of Chimneys

Wall Mounted Chimneys

Wall Mounted Chimneys are the most common chimneys found across the world because of convenience. The chimneys are generally mounted above the cook top to suck the maximum amount of smoke at the same time. 

The chimneys are available in different shapes because it helps you to design the kitchen based on the necessity. The wall-mounted chimney is used in both residential and commercial locations because of the price factor. Most of the people prefer using wall-mounted products because it is durable without affecting the performance.

Features of Wall Mounted chimneys
  • Different shapes
  • Cost-effective products
  • Long life-span

Straight Line Chimneys

Straight Line Chimneys started gaining a lot of attention in the current generation because it saves a lot of space. The simple and effective chimney has attracted a lot of people because of their powerful suction features. People need to consider using straight-line Chimneys because it helps you in increasing elegance by utilizing the space above the chimney

Features of Straight Line Chimneys
  • Simple Product
  • Elegant designs
  • Cost-effective

Auto Clean Chimneys

The technology is evolving at high speed, and modern-day products have allowed users to enjoy better performance. The effective performance at low costs plays a vital role in enjoying the product for a long time. 

Cleaning Chimneys is a crucial factor that needs to take place regularly to get rid of oily content in filters. Straight-line chimneys and wall mounted chimneys require a regular cleaning process to enjoy the quality performance from time to time. Auto Clean chimneys come with an automatic cleaning option, which lets the user clean daily.

Features of Auto Clean Chimneys
  • Saves money in maintenance
  • Expensive compared to other products
  • Easy to use

Different types of Chimney filters

Mesh Filters

Mesh Filters are the standard filters used in commercial locations because they can handle heavy work. The mesh filters have gained a lot of attention in the current generation because of multiple layers. The layers are produced with the help of either aluminum or stainless steel to increase the life span. 

The layers of the filters are present to remove all the solid particles while smoke is ejecting from the hood. The screen requires regular and high maintenance activities because it blocks the filters in a quick time. The suction capacity of the filter decreases over some time because of the blockage of particles on the screen.

Features of Mesh Filters
  • Decreased suction capacity
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Handles heavy load
kitchen chimney brands

Baffle Filters

The technology innovations have allowed users to enjoy better products at affordable costs for a long time now. Chimney brands are continuously working on new features because it helps them to attract customers naturally.

Baffle Filters are expensive compared to mesh filters but offers a fantastic set of features for customers and users. The filter is easy to maintain because it is easy to detach the filter and clean it from time to time. The cleaning process is necessary once in 3 to 4 months, which helps users to save both time and effort.

Features of Baffle Filters
  • Easy to maintain
  • suitable for heavy load work
  • Better than Mesh filters

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are more like an accessory, which is termed necessary by certain best chimney brands in India. It is a known fact that people prefer using advanced technology accessories to increase the performance daily. 

Carbon filters are made with the help of charcoal because it improves the odor of the food. The filters are recommended to be replaced once in 6 months to give better results effectively.

Features of carbon filters
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Keeps the odor excellent and healthy
  • Made with the help of charcoal

Size of chimneys

The size of the chimney is a vital aspect for people who are living in apartments. As the modern-day budget apartments are known to have limited space in the kitchen. It is necessary to save the maximum amount of space while using kitchen appliances because of various reasons.

Every customer needs to evaluate the features along with the space availability before buying chimneys. Most of the chimney brands in the market ensure to offer products with multiple sizes because it helps customers to buy depending on the space availability in the kitchen. 

Suction power

Suction power is a necessary technical element, which requires a lot of attention before buying the chimney. It is known that the performance is directly connected to suction power because it helps users enjoy a smoke-free environment while cooking. 

Suction power refers to the sucking ability of the chimney while smoke is emulating from the food. The quicker, the better. Most of the commercial kitchen chimneys come with high suction power because it plays a vital role in enhancing the performance and time consumption while cooking.

Maintenance and cleaning

Unlike other kitchen appliances, chimneys require regular maintenance activity to enjoy the performance for an extended period. Auto clean chimneys from the best chimney brands is the only option for reducing maintenance activity and saving money.

Any of the top 10 auto clean chimneys lets users enjoy the maintenance activity because of automatic features. The auto clean chimneys require less maintenance because it has enough options to clean regularly.


Buying the product from the best chimney brand helps in enjoying the durability and the performance in an effective way. The list of brands lets customers decide based on the necessity from time to time.

As a consumer, you should know how to clean chimney mesh at home, if you are not looking forward to buy an auto clean chimney.

It is essential to know and understand various features and options involved in the kitchen chimneys because it enables customers to have sufficient knowledge while purchasing a chimney.

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