Top 10 Best Microwave Ovens in India with Good Rating

A microwave oven is used to defrost, heat or cook your food at a much faster rate compared to a conventional oven. Microwave ovens can perform a lot of your culinary activities, such as baking, cooking, broiling, defrosting, and heating, thus saving you a lot of time.

In addition to fast cooking time, each dish turns out tender and tasty to the bargain. Most microwave ovens operate with a convection facility that makes use of fans and advanced airflow distribution, enabling you to cook your food faster without wasting much electricity.

Different types of Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are particularly useful if you have a big family, when the need for speed and big meals are of utmost importance. Before you actually buy a microwave oven for your kitchen, you will need to determine how often you plan to use it and what kind of cooking you intend to do with it.

There are many types and models of microwave ovens and it will be best to select one that is perfect for what you need. It will also be to your advantage to choose a brand that is well-known for durability and product excellence.

best convection microwave oven in india

Different kinds of Microwave Ovens

The compact size is ideal for people who only use the microwave for reheating, defrosting, and light cooking. Many users have primarily praised the look and design of the unit, which is very sleek and smooth.

The light weight of the unit also allows for easy cleaning of the bottom part of the unit, as well as the counter where it is placed, because it is light enough to move or lift. On the downside, a lot of users have also mentioned that among the mentioned names of the microwaves on Amazon, it has one of the smallest capacities, making it virtually impossible to put large items inside it.

Some consumers complain of a bothersome noise when the unit is operating. As the unit is compact, it may not be reliable for heavy-duty cooking.

Grill Ovens

Deceivingly small on the outside, the Grill oven offers a big interior of about 1.5 cu. Feet. Its exterior is styled out of stainless steel and is perfectly mounted into trim kits, walls or cabinets. 

Its price is just competitive to its category. With all the excellent conveniences of convection, microwave and combination cooking and superb defrosting, it is worth a single penny.

Grill ovens are truly reliable in terms of microwave ovens. It isn’t a wonder why most parents prefer grill over other  overs since these appliances truly come in great quality.

Convection Microwave Ovens

A lot of companies sells big microwave ovens; yet few models are considered the most versatile out of it all. It offers numerous convenient features that make both reheating, defrosting and cooking definitely a breeze.

Furnished with a unique program called “Let’s Cook”, Convection ovens does farther than just cooking. It even suggests ideas of what to prepare. The ingredients are even very common that no-frail microwave dishes come out smart and easy. Ideas for lunches, breakfasts and even short meals are even being offered. 

Consequently, the Convection Oven only promotes convenient and speedy cooking, reheating and defrosting without flaws.

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Electric Ovens

Unlike the other ovens, Electric comes with an optional trim kit to ensure that it would fit in almost any style or size of shelf, cart or counter. It has a spacious interior and a finely styled exterior that comes in black, white or stainless steel.

A normal equipment consumes 1200 watts of power, it has an efficient sensor and it is finely full-sized. Thus, the electric oven is truly equipped with high-end microwaving abilities. It is the best there is, for buyers who want to get the most out of a microwave.

Similar to most convection microwave ovens, the electric oven is equipped with the capacity to bake speedily and roast food items by means of combining both convection heat and microwave energy. However, the product has another claim to fame. It has superior defrosting ability!

Gas Ovens

The defrosting ability of the gas ovens are truly superior. Better yet, it has further benefits than just superior defrosting. The Gas ovens are like a microwave-convection appliance that is ideal for traditional baking and roasting practices.

Choices of solely using convection or a combination of both microwave and convection energies are also available for perfect cooking. Roasted chicken, cookies, cakes and pies are even cooked in a faster and more convenient way.

Without the gas ovens, cooking has never been too easy! Heating and baking various meals has never been fast and convenient with a button to start the cooking. Popcorns and vegetables are cooked perfectly with Gas Ovens. Even reheating of beverages like tea or coffee becomes handy with just an express button.

Cooking food has been far more better with modern day Gas Ovens. In fact, compared to the conventional microwave ovens, this one rocks far differently.

Microwave Oven Brands


Haier’s countertop microwave features 8 one-touch programs that act as your short order cook, automatically setting the time and energy level for different foods. if you are looking for services like Meals made to order. Want more control? All the standard controls are there, too.

The Compact microwave oven with 2/3-cubic-foot capacity Soft-touch electronic controls; 10 power levels; defrost setting 8 auto-cook menu settings for popcorn, potatoes, pizza, soup, and more Add-30-seconds option

Haier Microwave Oven with auto-cook menu settings for popcorn, potatoes, pizza, soup, and more. Haier’s countertop microwave features 8 one-touch programs that act as your short order cook, automatically setting the time and energy level for different foods.


Much more than just meal suggestions are the pack of features that Versatile Microwave ovens offer. There are thirteen sensor facilities that allow preparation of healthy entrees like vegetables. Automated options for quick snacks and frozen food are also available in Ovens. Defrosting as well comes handy as foods are gently defrosted based on weight and serving.

It stands out among all the microwave appliances for its accuracy in defrosting. In the same way, it goes as well for baking, browning, microwaving and even crisping abilities. Its inverter defrosting system regulates the microwave power perfectly during the defrost cycle.

Such system entirely differs from the other commonly-pulsed defrosting systems. Gentle defrosting is enabled as it consistently lowers the microwave power. Hence, even defrosting is to meet the user’s needs.

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What every Microwave Oven buyer should know

Here are the facts that anyone looking to purchase microwave ovens may easily obtain: they may be built-in (the common practice nowadays for home builders desiring nifty touches in their elegant modern homes) positioned over-the-range, or are single counter top versions. Many people favor the latter for the plug-and-cook ease they offer.

Grill Features in Microwave Oven

If the grill and boil featured entice you no end, try to rethink whether you’d really need a microwave oven for these. Microwave oven reviews or online forum sometimes reveal that certain models may not be as handy as they are bruited to be.

Some consumer dissatisfaction has been noted among owners of microwave ovens which came with the added elements of grill/broil.

Size of the Microwave Oven

When it comes to microwave ovens, small and affordable is not necessarily the best. A basic model features basic controls and few preset programs. A more generous space is ideal for large families who must do simultaneous reheating and cooking.

This can be more expensive, though. A good piece of advice that most microwave oven reviews are bound to give is to go for a model with sensors. Shop for the best features and prices and you’d be thoroughly delighted with your appliance purchase.

Cooking Time

High-wattage microwave ovens allow faster cooking time. What buyers ought to focus more on are the type, size and capabilities/features of the microwave oven brands they want.

A variety of added features for cooking, reheating and defrosting may not catch your attention at first sight of your preferred brand model, but once you are acquainted with each and every feature, then final selection becomes a breeze.

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