Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India (Double Door) | Reviews & Ratings (2019)

Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India (Double Door) with Reviews and Ratings – Updated 2019

Did you know that the refrigerator is the #1 appliance in your home for electrical use! It consumes about 15% of your homes energy use. Check out some of the top 10 Best Refrigerators in India to help while buying.

It only makes sense that people would ask how does a refrigerator work considering that they are a household appliance in almost every home in India keeping all of our food fresh and preserved and beverages cold until needed.

If you have an older fridge model, then get rid of it and purchase a new one the money you save on your hydro bill will be well worth the price tag of a new appliance.

The best buy refrigerators reviews and ratings in this site are from a number of sources including personal experience, consumers, technicians and research. We carefully analyze overall satisfaction patterns and not subjective opinions.

Top 10 best refrigerators in india with double door options and Specs

LG 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

It is a known fact that every user prefers to buy advanced technology products. Frost free technology is an advanced feature, which offers a lot of conveniences compared to direct cool refrigerators. The 4-star rating refrigerators come with frost free technology because it helps in attracting more buyers.

It is essential to have the right balance in cooling to enjoy the freshness of contents. Proper cooling is expected from the product because of multi-air flow cooling systems. The Multi air flow systems distribute cooling evenly to all corners and keep the food fresh for a long time.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency4 Star Rating
Capacity260 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
Special FeaturesInverter
ColourShiny Steel
Defrost SystemFrost free
Shelf TypeToughened Glass

Samsung 253 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Technology offers a wide range of options to improve convenience. Refrigerators have evolved rapidly to provide advanced options for users easily. There are plenty of new features added to products, which play a crucial role for users to buy regularly.

Ice making is an important activity, which takes place in the freezer. It is not necessary to remove the ice tray in the refrigerator to dispense ice cubes. The twist ice maker option is designed effectively to dispense ice cubes without affecting the space consumption.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency2 Star Rating
Capacity253 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
Special FeaturesInverter
ColourElegant Inox
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Door OrientationDouble-door
Shelf TypeToughened Glass

Mitashi 145 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Double-Door Refrigerator

Mitashi is a pretty new and the best refrigerator brand in the double door segment. It is necessary to have advanced features to compete with major products. Mitashi 2 star direct cool refrigerator offers a large amount of storage, but outdated technology. The direct-cool refrigerators do not consume a lot of electricity but challenging to remove ice cubes from the freezer.

Space availability is a crucial factor because it helps in placing the refrigerator easily. The Mitashi 145 litre refrigerator is compact with elegant design to suit every interior design effectively.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency2 Star Rating
Capacity145 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
Voltage240 Volts
Defrost SystemDirect Cool
Shelf TypeToughened Glass

Haier 320 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier is a popular brand, which is giving a solid competition in the Indian market. Most of the models are cost friendly and attracts consumers to buy easily. The brand is engaged in providing advanced technology options regularly to gain the trust and reputation among the audience.

The one-hour cooling technology is introduced by Haier, which turned out to be a great success. The effective technology reduces the temperature drastically to generate ice in a span of 60 minutes. The quick results have allowed people to buy and enjoy the feature for a long time.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating
Capacity320 Liters
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity234 Liters
Freezer Capacity86 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
ColourBrushline silver
Voltage240 Volts
Defrost SystemFrost free
Shelf TypeToughened Glass

Samsung 253 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung thrives to produce products with the right balance in features and cost. The refrigerator appears to be expensive but displays the worth by offering advanced options. The fridge comes with a 4-star rating, which helps in saving power consumption easily.

Interiors of the product are a vital aspect because it allows you to store more food easily. The toughened glass and big bottle compartment add convenience by letting you use the options effectively. The bottle guard portion is designed to store 2-litre bottles perfectly.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency2 Star Rating
Capacity253 Liters
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity184 Liters
Freezer Capacity69 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Shelf TypeToughened Glass

Bosch 505 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

It is a known fact that Bosch is one of the popular brands in Europe and America because of their quality. They have entered the Indian market recently and making a huge name for their brand. The brand offers luxury space with digital display to have better control over the temperature effectively.

The refrigerator comes with 2 independent cooling systems, which acts as a substitute during breakdowns. The fridge is designed effectively, which helps people to clean in a quick time. The LED lighting facility and safety glass options is an essential aspect to use for a long time.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency2 Star Rating
Capacity505 Liters
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity385 Liters
Freezer Capacity120 Liters
Noise Level43 dB
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
Special FeaturesInverter
Voltage240 Volts
Number of Drawers2
Defrost SystemFrost free
Shelf TypeToughened Glass
Number of Shelves4

Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Cost is one of the primary aspects to consider because it helps in saving money without affecting the performance. Whirlpool is a reputed brand, which ensures to offer quality products at low prices. The 2-star best whirlpool refrigerators come with beneficial options except for power consumption feature. As the refrigerator has a 2-star rating, it is evident that people May not able to save power regularly

Neo fresh technology is a huge hit in the market because of performance. The 6th sense deep freeze technology ensures to save power depending on the usability from time to time.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating
Capacity265 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
ColourIllusia Steel
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Shelf TypeToughened Glass

Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Yet another whirlpool refrigerator in the list. Most of the reputed brands allow people to compare by providing multiple products at the same time. There are a lot of refrigerators produced by the brand to offer enough convenience for users effectively.

Every brand comes with one or more differences, which play a vital role for consumers to buy. It is highly recommended for you to check and compare the differences because it helps in purchasing the right product. The micro block technology is designed to kill microbes because it provides protection against food contamination.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating
Capacity265 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
ColourGalaxy Steel
Voltage250 Volts
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Shelf TypeToughened Glass

Godrej 236 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej is a home brand, which is offering multiple products at low costs. It is evident that the brand ensures to provide sell at affordable prices because it helps in capturing the market. The Anti B technology gasket is designed to protect against germs and bacteria from entering the refrigerator.

The smart design is highly appreciated in the market because it fits in a small space without affecting the durability. The product is built with thick insulation, which helps you in storing the food for a long time during power cuts.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency2 Star Rating
Capacity236 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
ColourScarlet Dremin
Voltage260 Volts
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Shelf TypeToughened Glass

Haier 258 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

New technology is always beneficial to have because it helps consumers to pick effectively. Haier is one of the restless products, which offers a variety of features to satisfy customer needs easily. The turbo icing technology is effective compared to 6th sense cooling from whirlpool because the refrigerator completes the activity in a span of 40 minutes.

The twin energy saving modes is a successful feature because it saves up to 30% of the power consumption easily. The fridge is designed perfectly because it is easier to clean the outdoors with the help of cloth in a quick time.

Specifications to consider before buying

Energy Efficiency3 Star Rating
Capacity258 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Form FactorStandard Double Door
Special FeaturesConvertible
ColourDazzle Steel/Brushline silver
Voltage230 Volts
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Shelf TypeToughened Glass

Best Buy Refrigerators

Our comprehensive refrigerator reviews and ratings guide created by experienced refrigeration professional.

We have been offering information about residential and commercial refrigeration appliances. We provide you with unbiased information on a variety of refrigerator and freezer types, models, features and much more.

What are your Refrigerator Needs?

Before you decide on a purchase, you must do some homework. Do you know what size unit will be sufficient for your family? What features must your refrigerator have and can do without? Do you really need a water dispenser?

Many consumers buy the most expensive refrigerator they can afford (or not afford). Big mistake. Although manufacturers like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Haier and Godrej make some of the best and most expensive equipment on the market it does not mean they are perfect for your requirement. Price and needs are not related!

best refrigerators

How Accurate are Refrigerator Reviews and Ratings?

That is a very good question but a tough one to answer. Refrigerators like any other appliance like a chimney, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and so on can vary significantly in performance.

  • Learn the art of review reading
  • Shop Wisely
  • Service Options
  • Practical Information and Sound Advice
  • New Technology appliances

Learn the art of review reading

An example is the same model of a particular refrigerator may receive the highest accolades of being the best refrigerator available, and a few will tell us it’s the worst one on the market.

I know from experience that a big percentage of refrigerators that are considered ‘no good’ is because it needed a repair shortly after purchase. This is very frustrating but it can happen even with the best of the best.

Shop Wisely

Certain refrigerator features are more prone to repair than others. All through the door ice maker with water dispenser is a leading cause of needed repairs. 

Service Options

Refrigerators with inside ice makers are also repaired prone, but not nearly as much as a side by side or a double door refrigerator with door ice cuber and water dispensing. The more mechanical parts in a refrigerator the higher the chance of needed future repairs.

However, this does not mean if you purchase a refrigerator with this equipment you will have problems. Some will and others won’t. I know it sounds confusing but that’s the way it is with any type of appliance.

Practical Information and Sound Advice

Our site will focus on good quality refrigerators. We are not here to tell you what you shouldn’t buy. Our goal is to provide you with information and reviews on good products and discuss their benefits and drawbacks.

If certain refrigerators are found to have overall excellent reviews and ratings but have their own unique quirks, rest assured we will tell you about them.

New Technology appliances

Today’s line up of new refrigerators, Air Coolers, Washing Machines and so on delivers excellent results but what are some of the brand and models that make it to the top of the list?  As with any product, there are features that are more useful and important than others.

The year has just kicked off and the best refrigerators 2019 list may seem too premature but there are promising candidates to look out for. For a potential buyer drumming their fingers for a good choice, better keep an eye on some of the future finds in this modern refrigeration industry.

Here are some of the factors that call for proper fridge selection – ease of use, style and design, temperature control, storage capacity, convenient features, energy efficiency and price – all of which are reiterated in various refrigerator buying guide materials.

History of Refrigerator

The actual history of modern-day refrigerators using safe methods of cooling and keep food frozen was invented in the U.S.A in the 1920s, using a gas called Freon. Before that time numerous methods were used to keep food cooled or frozen.

Some of the earlier methods include methyl chloride and sulfur dioxide, which proved to be fatal. Other early methods of refrigeration include using ice blocks to keep food cold and preserved.

It’s difficult to quantify and rank some of the best refrigerator models this early but as far as ranking via brands is concerned; refrigerator review experts can always come up with a more or less decent list.

One of the general observations that many refrigerator expert reviewers shared among their reviews is that there’s a distinct interest for French door refrigerator for this year compared to the last few years.

best refrigerators 2018

How do Refrigerators work?

Traditional Functionality of Refrigerators

  • Older refrigerators use Freon gas. The liquid gas is pumped through coils located at the back of the unit, the liquid turns into vapours; these vapours soak up any heat that might be present in the freezer compartment.
  • After this process, the system pumps out the Freon vapours into another set of pipes, from there it goes through the whole process of going through the coils and cooling your food.
  • New fridges are different in how they work. After Freon gas was found to be dangerous if the coils leaked a new system was formed the use of ammonia gas.
  • Ammonia transforms into a liquid gas when it is cooled to -6.5 degrees Celsius. This liquid gas is squeezed through coils that are located at the back of the fridge. The colder ammonia in the coil then pulls the heat out of the compartments. This system creates a cold temperature in the fridge.

New Generation functionality of Refrigerator

  • Refrigerators today work on ammonia gas that liquefies when under high pressure using thermodynamics – when two different temperatures of things touch or are near each other, the hotter surface cools and the colder surface warms up.
  • With the help of compressor, coil and valves, the ammonia in the liquid form gets to low pressure, boils and changes to a vaporizing gas.  The coils go through the coldest part of the fridge, which is the freezer and also passes through the regular part of the refrigerator.
  • The colder ammonia in the coil absorbs the heat out of the freezer and fridge keeping the whole appliance cold.  The compressor then takes back the ammonia gas and is recycled continuously.
  • The thermometer inside the fridge regulates the temperature making sure it’s always at the temperature setting and because you open and close the door etc. the temperature can alter causing the refrigerator to turn on to make it colder and then turns off again when at the correct temperature.
Different types of Refrigerators

Best refrigerators brand in India

Refrigerators are seen to be more design gimmicks than fully functional fridges. But this year around, manufacturing brands such as Samsung, LG, Bosch, Whirlpool and many more have made major improvements of this particular refrigerator type.

IIn general, the top spot for the best refrigerators 2019 is shared by both Samsung and LG, of which both brands are planning to deliver promises of innovation and advanced technology in food storage and food preservation within this year.

Samsung has already kicked its gear off by its previous successive release of refrigerators, Washing Machines and so on that are packed with advanced temperature controls and cooling technologies.

As for LG, design flexibility and superior cooling performance are two of the brand’s marketing weapons. Samsung and LG are then followed by high-end fridge brands like Bosch and Whirlpool who are now stepping into the light with fresher and better refrigerator models.

Best refrigerators brands in India

  1. LG
  2. Samsung
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Godrej
  5. Bosch

LG Refrigerators

When it comes to reliability and good looks, LG refrigerators are some of the best appliances in the industry. Over the years with each design and model, this industry leader has carefully analyzed.

The Brand has addressed customer needs which are of utmost importance before you make a refrigerator purchase decision.

For best-valued everyday appliances like washers and dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers and ranges, LG appears to be a sure winner.

Samsung Refrigerator

The brand Samsung may be more popular in the areas of electronics and gadgets but the brand is also highly reputable as well when it comes to bringing to consumers the quality of refrigeration.

In most Samsung refrigerator reviews, you will come to learn that any refrigerator unit from this high-end brand is enough to get your kitchen into shape as far as food storage and food preservation are concerned.

When it comes to refrigeration, Samsung has proved impressive in so many ways. Food storage and organization is something that Samsung upholds most of all.

Whirlpool Refrigerators

If you are looking for a refrigerator unit that can deliver you years of service without having to deal with stressful repair services and annoying inconveniences, then you may be looking at the reliable selection of Whirlpool refrigerators.

Another quality in Samsung refrigerators, as emphasized in most Samsung refrigerator reviews, is that they are made to redefine your home kitchen aside from providing you with the utmost storage and preservation quality.

Whirlpool refrigerators are durably constructed out of stylish stainless steel material, giving your refrigerator its modern and contemporary look.

Godrej Refrigerators

If you buy the refrigerator then you will discover that the range of interior storage features of the fridge all leads to helping you organize your food items and beverages, making them easily accessible at all times. Also, the storage capacity is well optimized – you can store more without compromising the cooling efficiency.

The rest of the perks in buying a Godrej fridge follow – innovative applications in your refrigerator which include electronic temperature management system, LED temperature display and WIFI capabilities, and the guarantee that it can offer you both efficient cooling performance and long-lasting durability.

Bosch Refrigerators

People who want to spend their money wisely will choose built-in refrigerators since they are roomy and efficient. According to built-in refrigerator reviews, this type of appliance has multiple features that are able to give various advantages to a homemaker.

Also, if you are conscious of your kitchens décor, then the built-in refrigerator is most suitable due to its sleek lines. If this is something that you are looking for in a fridge, then make no mistakes and choose Bosch.

best Refrigerators in India

9 Different Types of Refrigerators

So, what are the most common refrigerator types? Which type should you purchase? In order to answer these questions, we are going to start by enumerating the fridge types and providing some succinct information about each category.

Remember when most refrigerators had the temperature control in the back above the top shelf and would have to remove almost everything on the shelf to gain access.

  1. Single Door Refrigerators
  2. Double Door Refrigerators
  3. Side by Side Refrigerators
  4. French Door Refrigerators
  5. Cabinet Refrigerators
  6. Compact Refrigerators
  7. Built-in Refrigerators
  8. Hybrid Refrigerators
  9. Mini Refrigerators

Single Door Refrigerators

The first category presents the drawer type refrigerators. Some of the best single door refrigerators are very versatile as they fit perfectly under kitchen counters. Any of these types are ideal for kitchens that have appliances incorporated inside furniture.

These refrigerators don’t cost much and ensure great additional units to the big refrigerators. If you are living alone, the small fridge might be exactly what you need.

This type of fridge is designed with the freezer and refrigerator next to one another, these unit are larger than the bottom or top freezers models. If you have a large family and you have space in your kitchen this is perfect.

Most refrigerators have an inside depth range of 27 to 35 inches. The deeper models feature French style single doors and are a combination of a bottom freezer, side-by-side door type unit.

Double Door Refrigerators

A Double door unit is able to neatly hold a variety of products of various sizes in well-designed bins and drawers, which makes it an excellent choice for someone who loves to cook.

Speaking of bins and drawers, most refrigerators these days have a germ-killing, antimicrobial lining on the door and deli meat bins.

Any refrigerator that belongs to this category provides more style and functionality, being specially designed to impress through its aesthetical elements.

The refrigerator is a general household item that is used to preserve food kind. As a new homemaker, you are going to want the best kind of refrigerator that is available in the market. Many homemakers chose built-in refrigerators, reviews indicating they are some of the very best available.

Side By Side Refrigerators

The side-by-side models are another good choice and with plenty of storage capacity and feature deep doors and a chiller section that easily holds four gallons of your favourite beverage. It’s important to remember that side-by-side models fit where other models often don’t.

Another category includes the side-by-side fridges. Our refrigerator reviews provide a series of details about these devices from which the most important ones are related to space and functionality.

Side-by-side refrigerators fit small spaces while providing a great utility by ensuring two different narrow doors, one for the fridge and the other one for the refrigerator.

Additionally, this type of refrigerator usually comes along with water and ice dispensers and if you get a design that also has adjustable bins, you can be sure that your fridge provides everything you need.

French door Refrigerators

Most French door models are equipped with built-in ice/water dispensing systems, which will be either in the door or inside the refrigerator. Select from a variety of styles that will compliment any kitchen whether it’s basic or elegant sophistication.

There are some manufacturers that have sharp looking refrigerators but lack mechanical performance.  It is advisable to do so especially because the most common fridges are normally the best types.

In order to find out more about the major features of common fridge types, you can check our refrigerator reviews as they contain the necessary information to provide answers to all of your questions.

Cabinet Refrigerators

Cabinet-depth refrigerators represent another category. Any refrigerator that belongs to this class shows a great utility by providing a freestanding device that always achieves both looks and functionality.

Ensuring a standard look to the kitchen, this type of fridge is quite affordable and provides great versatility by highlighting different models such as side-by-side and French doors, top-mount and bottom-mount freezers.

Another analogy given by the Cabinet refrigerator reviews was that it was the preferred brand by homemakers for their temperature controls.

The temperature gauges on these refrigerators are sometimes located on the outside of the fridge; therefore, one does not have to open the fridge door to regulate the temperature.

Compact refrigerators

Compact refrigerators are used for smaller spaces such as apartments and condominiums, but just because they are small in size doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice features and quality.

First, off you should be aware of the various sizes of compact fridges. Sizes (total volume) can range from, 5 cu. ft. (142 liters), all the way to 21 cu. ft. (595 litres). If you don’t know what the total volume refers to I’ll explain. The total volume of a refrigerator means the overall size as well as the capacity of the fridge.

There are two parts in these refrigerators, the freezer and the other normal refrigerator. In the freezer section, you can keep the food that for an extended period, while the normal side can keep what is being used regularly.

Built-in Refrigerators

When you check our refrigerator reviews, you’ll be able to find another category: the built-in refrigerators. These are suitable for those homeowners who want to have a wow factor inside their kitchens.

The built-in refrigerator further highlights the remainder of the kitchen pieces, as they have custom made panels that give the fridge a fashionable appearance and its unfinished tops add to the refrigerator’s style.

These built-in refrigerator reviews further inform us that some of them are manufactured with wine holders; this feature aids owners in wine storage.

It was important to note from the reviews that the quality of the wine would not be disturbed, as these kinds of fridges are not disturbed by any kind of vibration.

Hybrid Refrigerators

While browsing our collection of refrigerator reviews, you’ll be able to find two more fridge categories, the bottom freezer and the top freezer refrigerators. Of course, the main difference between these two models is freezer placement.

The bottom freezer design is more convenient as you don’t have to bend over every time when you want to get something from the refrigerator.

Having everything on top is more comfortable and at hand. If you want to find out more details about the most common fridge types, you can do so by checking our refrigerator reviews section.

Most Hybrid refrigerator reviews categorize this item as not having any depth; however, this is made up for by the width of the refrigerator. Due to this additional width, it is more spacious and the storage of tall bottles or items is made simpler.


The mini refrigerators are specially designed to keep all your favourite wines cool.

You’ll be able to determine the most important details to look out for with regards to manufacturers, designs, and functionality – things that anyone who is searching for a new fridge should know.

Mini refrigerator reviews show where the space under the refrigerator can be useful, as based on what your usage is, space can be utilized to store dishwashers, or as shelves.

Reading the Modern Mini-refrigerator reviews indicates that the energy consumption of this device is low; therefore this would make people opt to purchase this domestic device.

best buy refrigerators

What are the Refrigerator Key Features

The continuous development of refrigerator features delivers some extraordinary products. Of course, this does not only ensure some top-notch fridges but also a high competition among manufacturers that bring great advantage to consumers.

All these aspects are debated by our refrigerator reviews, which can really help you to choose or purchase a reliable and durable appliance. In addition, you can also identify the best manufacturing companies by simply perusing our refrigerator rating section.

Among the most important features that are provided by the newest fridge types, manufacturers highlight the following:

7 Features to check while buying Refrigerators

  1. Versatility
  2. Adjustability
  3. Power Failure Warning
  4. Status Indicator
  5. Pull-out freezer bins for easy access
  6. Fruit and vegetable crispers with adjustable humidity controls
  7. Adjustable door bins


Modern refrigerators have in-door stations that provide ice or chill water. These fridges serve as more than a simple cooling machine, ensuring great versatility by delivering additional features necessary in any home.


This feature refers to the adjustable trays and shelves that allow users to move them around so that the fridge can accommodate any setup desired by the user. This feature is very important especially when you need to store special foods, such as double or triple layer cakes.

Power Failure Warning

This feature is also very important as it notifies the owner whenever a power failure occurs. This way, the owner can take the appropriate actions so that the food is well kept and preserved.

Status Indicator

This component announces the user when the water filter needs to be changed. The status indicator takes care of the environmental part of the fridge.

Pull-out freezer bins for easy access.

Find a fridge that has temperature-controlled drawers, for each bin. This will give you control over the temperature in each drawer with individual controls to set the interiors of these several degrees cooler for storing meat or fish.

Fruit and vegetable crispers with adjustable humidity controls

Veggie crispers have separate controls to maintain humidity and provide longer produce and fruit shelf life. If you want to save money on purchasing a separate purified water machine, then a refrigerator with an in-door ice-and-water dispenser will give you purified cold water and ice whenever you need it

Adjustable door bins

Adjustable Door Bins function is very important as it prevents the buildup of frost inside the fridge. As a result, those who use the fridge don’t need to thaw and clean the fridge on a regular basis.

To Conclude

Aside from these great improvements, the latest refrigerator designs also include some other important functions and accessories, such as an in-door ice caddy, a cooling zone that is specially made for cooling the fridge doors, cabinet rollers that assist users to move the fridge around much easier, self-compartmentalized freezers, etc.

By reading our refrigerator reviews, you’ll be able to determine which refrigerator fits your needs the best. The importance of choosing the absolute best refrigerator to fit your budget cannot be overstated. 

best refrigerators to buy

Top 10 Tips to consider while buying a refrigerator

Just like anything in life, there is the right way and the wrong way to do things, hopefully, my refrigerators tips will make life easier for you in your kitchen. Below I have compiled a variety of different tips on everything from energy saving tips to tips & tricks on getting the most out of your fridge.

At some point, everyone has to go through the hassle of looking for a new refrigerator, but there are many different things you need to consider before making such a large purchase.

Muddying up the waters, even more, is the fact that you also have to consider what fits in with your home or apartment as opposed to just what looks best in the store.

After all, these appliances just don’t stand on their own but they have to fit into your kitchen, provide the use and services you need, and function for several years.  The next time you go looking for a brand new refrigerator, make sure to take a checklist with you that ask questions on some of these issues.


Quality Checks while buying Refrigerators


  1. Built-in Icemaker & dispenser
  2. Built-in water purifier
  3. Size
  4. Placements
  5. Fridge to freezer ratio
  6. Ideal Style
  7. Functionality
  8. Energy
  9. Cost
  10. Technology

Quality Checks

Make sure to check the seals on the fridge, if the sealing is faulty, then your fridge is making you spend more money than necessary on your electrical bill. If it’s leaking then replace the seals.

Try to stay away from fridges that have an “anti-sweat heater” this feature will cost you more money. You will end up consuming 5% to 10% more energy.

Another energy conservation tip is to, keep the refrigerator temperature between 36-38° F, you don’t need it any colder than that. The colder it is, the more electricity it takes to run it.

Built-in Icemaker & dispenser

Interiors and exteriors – stainless steel exteriors are very popular because of the modern look. Make sure the shelves are strong; some models have thin plastic shelves that can easily break after normal use. I recommend purchasing a unit that has tempered glass shelving, with a raised rim to contain spills

The built-in freezer is a necessity for me. Even though a built-in freezer in a mini refrigerator would be small it still comes in handy, better than not having one at all.

Built-in water purifier

There is no need to buy water anymore, these refrigerators have water purifiers built right into them, and so you can enjoy purified water right from your fridge

Ice maker & dispenser – this should be a necessity in a fridge you are considering. Ice trays are a thing of the past, let the fridge do the work for you. With a press of the button, you can have fresh ice for cold drinks. Don’t put your fridge in direct sunlight or sources of heat if possible.

Size matters

The size of the refrigerator matters, but keep in mind that you need to be able to fit it into your home and in the kitchen.  This means you should have several measurements before going shopping, including the size of your door, and the size of the space where you can fit in the refrigerator.

If you’re only off by a mere inch, it won’t slip in by the counter or underneath the cupboard.  While almost everyone prefers a larger fridge, if it doesn’t fit in your apartment then it doesn’t make sense to purchase.

You might not think size matters but it does. Consider this, a larger car consumes more gas than a smaller car, the same goes for refrigerators.

Choose a refrigerator that works for you and your family, buying a larger refrigerator will consume more energy, so take size into consideration when you are shopping for a new appliance.


If you want to save money on your electricity bill, a smart thing to do is to conserve energy. Keep your coils on the back of your refrigerator clean will make your fridge energy efficient.

You have purchased your new fridge and ready to place it in your home but where? If you have a choice where to place the refrigerator, and then place it where there are no sources of heat such as stove, heating and coffee machines.

Do you have 2 fridges in your home because you have lots of food to store; consider purchasing a newer, larger fridge to store all your food in one place. This will once again save you money on your monthly electrical bill.

Fridge to freezer ratio

This is something not enough people think about before buying a brand new refrigerator.  Do you eat a lot of frozen foods or virtually none? Will a skinny and smaller freezer fit you, or do you hunt and fish and need a lot of freezer space to store everything?  These questions should have a major impact on what type of design or model you go for.

Many refrigerator reviews talk about features or total storage space, but how much of that storage is freezer space and how much of it is refrigeration space?  This is a critical question that can have a huge effect on many people depending on their dietary habits.

Doesn’t stuff your fridge, for the most efficient results, fridges work best when not jam-packed with food.

What’s your ideal style?

There are multiple types of refrigerator styles out there, and you will want to decide which one is best for you.  The French Door style is popular involving side by side doors that go from top to bottom, although many people who have a freezer food heavy diet don’t like this model.

Then there are models that have a pullout freezer on the bottom, or an open door freezer on top of the refrigeration unit.  All these styles set up their storage space in different ways and there are some strong pros and cons to each.

Pros and Cons don’t even go into the surface appearance like stainless steel, wood panel, and plain white and metallic black.  Whatever the overall appearance of your kitchen is, most likely there’s a style and design that will allow it to fit in.


Each refrigerator unit is a little different, and before purchasing a new one, you should take a look at how the temperature control works.

Is it near the front and easy to adjust?  Is it near the back towards the freezer? Some modern fridges have a climate control type of set up where one part of the fridge can be made colder than another.

Is this something you really need, or is it a bell and whistle distracting you from the fact that that’s an awful small freezer space?  Look at the shelving system and think about what you commonly buy at the grocery store.

Do you have enough space?  Are the shelves adjustable?  These are extremely important things to look at before making a purchase.

Energy Efficiency

Everyone knows that a refrigerator runs all the time, meaning it is constantly using energy and adds to that electric bill.

There’s no way around this, but looking at modern Energy Star models cannot only help you do your part to help the environment, but they’re also going to save you a good chunk of change over the lifetime of the appliance.

Buy a refrigerator that has the Energy Star certificate, this will definitely save you money on electricity. More about Energy Star.

Newer refrigerators after 2003 are designed with more stringent energy-saving standards that decrease energy costs by 30% compared to older standards.

Cost of the Refrigerator

In the end, it should come as no surprise that cost matters.

While the cheapest best refrigerators in india might not be the best, have an idea of how much you can really afford to spend and if choosing between two or more models ask you: do I really want to pay the extra “X” amount just for those one or two extra features?  If the answer is an obvious yes, then go for it. If you hesitate, that might be a good sign that you’re reviewing a refrigerator that might not be the right fit for you.


Another important feature is the ability to control certain areas inside your fridge separately, such as your vegetable crispers, as well as meat and deli drawers.

Another point is to ask the salesperson to actually plug in the refrigerator so you can hear the noise volume; you want to find the quietest machine possible.

Digital controls or dial controls which are better? Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you choose a digital or dial controlled model, this is just a cosmetic feature more than anything.

If you’re shopping around for a new fridge consider buying a manual defrost model, they use 33% less energy than automatic defrost versions.

Where to buy the best refrigerators in India

You can choose from a variety of styles from top freezer bottom freezer, or no freezer. Colours and styles range from the modern look of stainless steel to black, white and bisque. Most consumers like stainless steel, it looks cool and it’s not that difficult to keep clean like everyone says it is.

Amazon has listed the best-rated refrigerator brands and models in the various categories, from the side by side, counter depth, built-in, bottom-freezer, top-freezer and French-door.

best refrigerators in india 2018

Tips on cleaning your fridge

When you’re sitting in your living room quietly and you hear the fridge powering up or something bothersome clicking and ticking in the back, doesn’t it get you worried? Wouldn’t it be great to know that the refrigerator is working normally and why it turns on & off or if it’s breaking down?

Turn the temperature control knob inside the refrigerator and freezer “Off”.   Tip: If there is overgrown ice in the freezer, I like to grab a blow-dryer and heat it up as the block of ice will simply fall off and can be discarded in the sink. 

11 Steps to Clean the Fridge

  1. Fill the sink with your favourite dish soap and warm water.
  2. Wear gloves and garbage any old spoiled food and outdated items out of the refrigerator/freezer.
  3. All fresh food, drinks and condiments should be taken out, wiped down and stored in a clean cooler.
  4. Remove any drip pans, trays, shelves, drawers and place into the sink to hand-wash and rinse well.  Dry completely before placing back into the refrigerator/freezer.
  5. Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator using a soft dishcloth and warm, soapy water.  Tip: I like to use 2 spray bottles, one with the soapy water or vinegar for easy cleaning, and the other with fresh water for rinsing.  Don’t’ forget to wipe down all areas of the fridge including the hinges, edges of doors, in crevices etc.
  6. Once the fridge racks, drawer’s etc. are completely dry, place them all back into the appropriate compartments.
  7. To minimize odours, place a box of baking soda in the refrigerator.  Tip: always replace the baking soda every 3 months for freshness.
  8. Repeat the same cleaning process on the outside of the refrigerator including the top and edges with warm, soapy water; rinse and wipe dry.
  9. Turn the temperature control knobs inside the refrigerator/freezer back to the recommended settings.
  10. Place the edibles back into the refrigerator and the freezer and keep a cleaning log so that everyone can take turns in keeping your fridge a healthy appliance.
  11. Also remind your peers and staff to clean up after themselves immediately, if they have spills or accidents in or around the fridge because a clean and the sanitized fridge is not only healthy it’s also professional!

Refrigerator not working?

If your refrigerator isn’t working there are a few things you can check

  • First off check the power. You should check to see if the receptacle is working properly, use a circuit tester for this. If the receptacle doesn’t work, check for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse.
  • Other problems that could be associated with a fridge not working include an electrical cord that is damaged.

If the refrigerators interior lights don’t work these could be some of the problems

  • Check to see if the bulb is burnt out, I’m sure you already checked that but just in case you didn’t go check it.
  • Test to see if the door switch is working properly.

Dimmed Lights

  • The first thing I did was check the seals around the doors
  • The second thing to do is check the door switch, if the switch doesn’t work then your fridge will run continuously
  • You can also clean the dust that is attached to the condenser coils at the back of the unit. Condenser coils can’t cool properly if they are dirty.
  • Also, try defrosting your freezer.

Water inside the fridge?

The drain tube might be clogged; you can fix this by unclogging the drain system. Make to unplug the refrigerator before doing any work.

The fridge doesn’t cool enough

  • The first and easiest thing for you to do is check to see if the temperature setting is cold enough
  • Make sure that the fridge isn’t overly stuffed, there needs to be adequate airflow inside the refrigerator for it to cool properly.
  • Make sure to see that the following are working properly, door switch, defrost heater, defrost timer, evaporator fan
  • Make sure that the door seals are sealing properly. Make sure that your unit is level, if it isn’t this could be the problem. Check to see if the drain pan is draining properly if it isn’t you will need to clean. Check the see that the condenser fan works, if it doesn’t you should clean the dust off if it.


There is a lot of competition in the market. Picking the right refrigerator is one of the crucial elements to enjoy the durability. It is important for you to check for the right product because of performance reasons. We recommend you to compare different products from manufacturers because it allows you to have a good idea about features and options before purchasing in an effective way.

The above reviews are mentioned based on personal experiences and genuine reviews. We advise consumers to check and read through the reviews to figure out the right product easily.

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