Top 10 Refrigerator brands in India with Prices and Features

Top 10 Refrigerator brands in India with Prices and Features

There are different kinds of Refrigerators available in the market. It is necessary to choose the products from Best Refrigerator brands because it helps in enjoying the performance for a long time. The modern-day refrigerators have provided a wide range of options because it helps users to enjoy the performance.

It is essential for every individual to consider using quality brands to enjoy long-lasting performance. There is a variety of options available in the market and offers a wide room to choose the perfect option easily. There are multiple brands coming to the market with unique and exclusive features. Picking the right brand and the model based on the requirement helps in using the product for a long time.

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Top 10 Best refrigerator brands in India with Prices

Sl NoBrandPrice Range 
1BoschRs. 32000 – Rs. 120000Click Here To Buy 
2WhirlpoolRs. 11000 – Rs. 120000Click Here To Buy 
3SamsungRs. 11000 – Rs. 230000Click Here To Buy 
4LGRs. 9000 – Rs. 205000Click Here To Buy 
5GodrejRs. 10000 – Rs. 52000Click Here To Buy 
6HaierRs. 10000 – Rs. 100000Click Here To Buy 
7VideoconRs. 67000Click Here To Buy 
8Hitachi Rs. 39000 – Rs. 75000Click Here To Buy 
9MitashiRs. 11990 – Rs. 27000Click Here To Buy 
10PanasonicRs. 24000 – Rs. 63000Click Here To Buy

Top 10 Best refrigerator brands in India with Features


Bosch is offering exclusive features at reasonable costs because it is a new brand in the market. The manufacturer has a good reputation in producing top rated refrigerator brands in the European market for a long time. The quality of the product plays a vital role because it helps in taking maximum mileage while using.

Bosch is a one of the best rated refrigerator brands because of exclusive options and durability. The brand uses advanced technology methodologies, which helps in producing products at reasonable costs. Bosch offers a limited set of models because they prefer giving the maximum number of features in one product.

Features of Bosch Refrigerators

  • Easy to use interface
  • Expensive products
  • New brand to the Indian Market


Whirlpool is one of the best brands in the refrigerator segment for a long time now. Durability is a vital factor for Indian customers because it helps in saving money from time to time. Most of the regular customers prefer using whirlpool because of durability factors.

It is essential for every consumer to have a friendly support from the brand to enjoy the product. The customer support of the Whirlpool refrigerator is one of the best in the industry because they treat issues and concerns on time. It is highly recommended for users to know and understand the support options because it helps in using the product for a long time without compromising on the maintenance costs.

Features of Whirlpool Refrigerators

  • Quality Customer support
  • Durability
  • Cost effective products


Samsung has gained a lot of attention in the current market because of regular updating in products. It is evident that most of the Indian customer prefers purchasing products from best quality refrigerator brands. Samsung has a reputation in the market because they are producing wide range of products at reasonable prices.

It is a fact that Refrigerator is a major appliance and replacing the product regularly involves a lot of expenses. Samsung is manufactured with strong stainless steel body with quality spares to perform effectively for a long span of time. The budget friendly refrigerators come with advanced features, which are enough for average customers to use on a regular basis.

Features of Samsung Refrigerators

  • Budget Friendly
  • Advanced features
  • Easy to use interface


LG is one of the oldest brands in producing quality appliances for a long time in the country. There are a lot of fans and followers, who stick to the brand in all appliances because of quality. LG is one of the best fridge manufacturers because they offer quality products at affordable costs from time to time.

The durability of the product is impressive, which makes them as one of the best refrigerator manufacturer. The brand lacks in providing quality customer support and it may affect some customers to maintain the machine regularly.

Features of LG Refrigerators

  • Value oriented refrigerators
  • Durability
  • No friendly customer support


Godrej has been the best fridge manufacturer in single door segment for a long time because of quality and price factors. It is important to compare different products available in the market because it helps in purchasing the right product. Godrej offers a wide range of single door refrigerators because it helps in picking from a list of products.

Godrej is one of the oldest best rated refrigerator manufacturers because it offers the best of performance all the time. The brand focus on manufacturing product with strongly built materials because it helps consumers to use for a long time. Most of the consumer prefers exploring products from the brand because of budget friendly produces with enough features.

Features of Godrej Refrigerators


The cost of the refrigerators is extremely reasonable because Haier is a new brand in the market. Haier is a top refrigerator company in few Asian countries because they offer advanced features without affecting the cost. As every consumer prefer using products with advanced features, it is easy for them to attract by offering convenience features.

Haier has a list of products, which comes with different features for different customers. It is essential for every user to know the actual requirement because it helps in purchasing the right product effectively. Haier provides a combination of various features because it allows consumer to explore necessary options from time to time. The friendly support is a bonus factor for consumers because it allows them to maintain in an easy way.

Features of Haier Refrigerators

  • Cost effective products
  • Advanced features
  • Friendly customer support


Some consumer prefers using an average product with outdated features because it helps in saving money. Videocon takes advantage of the consumer segment because it helps the brand to sell more products effectively. Videocon is staying in one of the best Refrigerator brands ratings because of customers and convenient products.

Videocon has gained a lot of audience for some time now because of durable products with easy maintenance options. The user friendly refrigerators are sufficient for small size commercial locations. Videocon is one of the best fridge companies in the country because they offer budget friendly products with sufficient features. As the products are known to last long, it serves the customer’s purpose in an effective way.

Features of Videocon Refrigerators

  • User Friendly
  • Cost effective products
  • No regular updations


Hitachi is a popular home and electronic appliance brand in some parts of the world. It is necessary to have enough experience while dealing with the market because it helps in establishing the credibility to sell products from time to time. Hitachi has acquired the market by offering refrigerators in single door, double door and side by side door segments.

It is easy to choose refrigerator in Hitachi because there are enough models available from the brand at reasonable costs. The side-by-side refrigerator has gained a lot of attention in the market because of quality and cost reasons. It is highly suggested for people to consider explore more products with the help of features because it play an important role in buying the product without compromising on the features.

Features of Hitachi Refrigerators

  • Cost effective products
  • Easy to use functionalities
  • Various models in different segments


Mitashi is not a big player in refrigerators segment for now because of various factors. The refrigerator brand provides only double door refrigerators, which may turn away single door fridge customers. Mitashi has only two products in the online market, but has good customer feedback based on the features mentioned.

The Brand offers both direct cool and frost free refrigerators because it helps consumers to buy based on the necessity. There have not presented any single door refrigerators for the consumers and looking forward for have a couple of options in order to attract more customers in an effective way. The brand is known for their impressive performance while cooling in a quick time because of quality refrigerant gas.

Features of Mitashi Refrigerator

  • Cost effective products
  • No Multiple models
  • No Double door refrigerators

Mitashi do not have plenty of customers in the market because they are not offering multiple Models with different features. As there are only 2 models available from the brand, it is evident that they presence is not affected to competitors.


Panasonic is one of the best refrigerator brands in India because of their performance and elegance. This refrigerator brand focus on both quality and appearance at the same time because of reputation reasons. Panasonic Refrigerators are not offering single door and multi door refrigerators. It is easy to choose any of the best models because The Panasonic standard Double door refrigerators are cost-effective.

It is a known fact that refrigerator play a crucial role because it changes the appearance of the room. Most of the high end refrigerator brands focus on adding elegance with a mixture of colors and features. Panasonic has attracted a lot of audience because they offer products with elegance at reasonable prices for the Indian Market.

Features of Panasonic Refrigerators

  • High quality energy saving features
  • Humidity control options
  • Advanced technology integration

Different Types of Refrigerator

  • Single Door Refrigerators
  • Double Door Refrigerators
  • Triple Door Refrigerators
  • Side-by-side Refrigerators
  • Mini Refrigerators

Single Door Refrigerator

Single Door Refrigerators have gained a lot of attention among small size families because of various reasons. The modern-day single door refrigerator comes with advanced features to allow users enjoy the convenience. Some of the advanced features like de-frosting, Artificial Intelligence control and so on are available in single door refrigerators as well. This lets specific users chose the right model because there are enough features and options.

Cost is a major aspect for most of the middle-class families in India. The cost of a single door refrigerator is less compared to other options in the market because of various reasons. It is recommended to look for a single door refrigerator with advanced options because it helps them to save money and enjoy the technology in an easy way.

Space is one of the important factors to consider while buying refrigerators because it helps in storing more items. Most of the single door refrigerators do not provide a lot of space compared to other varieties in the market.

Features of Single Door Refrigerator

  • Cost-effective
  • Less external space consumption
  • Suitable for Small size families

Double Door Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerators are the most common models because it offers a good balance of features and options. It is necessary to explore various brands in the market while buying double door refrigerators because it helps in choosing the right option in an easy way.

Double Door refrigerators provide a large amount of space compared to single door refrigerators. It is essential to choose double door refrigerators from a reputed best refrigerator brands because it helps you enjoy both performance and durability.

Some of the best refrigerators in India offer separate space for freezing, which helps in enjoying convenience. Ensure to look for a quality product from any of the reputed refrigerator brands to enjoy modern features.

Features of Double Door Refrigerator

  • Cost effective compared to luxury refrigerators
  • Suitable for Medium-sized families
  • Advanced features integration

Triple Door Refrigerator

It is evident that top refrigerator brands provide options by giving a variety of models in different price ranges. Triple Door refrigerators help in saving electricity because of the separate compartment for different food items. Fridge Brands provide 3 doors, which are generally allocated to freeze items, cooling items and for vegetable storage.

The separate extension to store vegetables lets users utilize the door effectively. Check out some of the top 10 refrigerator brands in the market to explore various triple door refrigerator options. The price of the refrigerator model is expensive compared to the double door and single door options. The design is extremely suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.

Features of Triple Door Refrigerators

  • Unique storage options
  • Suitable in both residential and commercial locations
  • A limited number of models

Side by side Refrigerator

Side by Side refrigerator is a luxury model, which provides a lot of space for the user. It is important to explore various designs and types in the market because buying as per the requirement helps in enjoying maximum amount of convenience.

Side by side door refrigerator is expensive compared to other options in the market because of obvious reasons. Space inside the fridge plays a vital role because it helps in storing more items from time to time. Some of the top fridge brands provide only a couple of options to choose because of low demand.

Features of Side by Side Refrigerators

  • Luxury and elegant type of refrigerator
  • Expensive products
  • A large amount of space
  • Most advanced features

Mini Refrigerators

Mini Refrigerators are hot picks in the market because of its versatile features. Mini Refrigerators from the best refrigerator company helps in using for a long time without lacking performance. It is evident that small products have a different set of advantages compared to large appliances. Mini Refrigerators enables users to carry different places because they are compatible and handy.

Mini Refrigerators are produced by most of the refrigerator manufacturers with selective features and options to increase the convenience.

Features of Mini Refrigerators

  • Cost-effective
  • Compatibility
  • A limited number of models
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Benefits of choosing the right brand refrigerator

A brand is an important aspect to consider while buying the refrigerator because of various factors. The brand value is playing a crucial role for both consumers and the brand because there is a trust factor while enjoying the performance from time to time. It is essential to know as to, how refrigerator works to evaluate the maintenance methods.

Most of the brands do not compromise in quality and performance because it helps them to gain more consumers. Durability is another major factor, which lets brand focus on quality and performance in an effective way. Most of the Indian consumer prefers using a branded product with durability because it enables them in saving money.

4 Major Benefits of choosing top refrigerator brands

  • Quality Features
  • Support Options
  • Durability
  • Performance

Quality Features

Advanced Features is the primary parameters in the market because it helps the user to enjoy the technology effectively. Most of the reputed refrigerator manufacturers prefer providing advanced features to attract customers and sales from time to time.

Support Options

It is evident that Refrigerators are not meant to be replaced once in a couple of years because it is a major appliance and costs a lot of money. Regular Maintenance plays a crucial role to enjoy the product durability for a long span of time. A quality support team helps users to maintain the product without affecting the performance and features in an effective way.


Durability is a major aspect for Indian customers and the brand is determined based on the life of the product. Most of the top rated refrigerator brands offer models to last for a long time without compromising the performance. Some of the best-rated refrigerator brands use quality raw materials to manufacture spares because it played a crucial role to perform for a long span of time.


Performance is directly related to product quality. Some good refrigerator brands focus on offering quality performance, which lets users buy products in other segments. The listed products are known to offer models, which are known to perform well for a long period of time.


Refrigerator is a necessary appliance, which helps people to store food items without losing freshness for a long time. The modern day technology lets fridge manufacturers to offer different models at reasonable costs in an easy way.

The above mentioned brands provide a wide range of products because it helps consumers pick based on the necessity. It is essential to know and understand the necessity of the customer because it helps to pick the right product.

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